Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Auction - EXE 3 Black Tokyo Game Show Edition

Now this is definitely one of those items for completists or the super hardcore collector. Currently up for grabs on eBay is the uncommon Tokyo Game Show edition of Rockman EXE 3 Black, a pre-release variant of the game that was limited to only 1000 copies, distributed a month ahead of Black's retail release on March 28, 2003 in Japan. 

Three things separate the TGS edition from the standard March retail version: one, the cartridge came preloaded with special data; secret Battle Chips already unlocked. Two, a holographic Shadow Style Rockman trading card was bundled with the game, and three, to distinguish the TGS version from the retail version, the packaging lacks the gold CESA Game Award emblem present on all copies of the retail version.

While it is a rather interesting item, I don't recommend it to the casual collector. Nevertheless, you can purchase it here for $169 USD. The seller is willing to make an offer, so perhaps you can get him to knock it a bit.


  1. Hmm, all the actual boxes I've seen for EXE Black don't seem to have the CESA emblem on them. I checked my own standard release of Black and that doesn't have the CESA emblem on it either.

  2. I've got a CESA emblem on mine, so its retail. Gouki, did you get yours used? Maybe you've got the TGS one and didnt know it.

  3. Don't think mines a TGS one, I checked the save data and all and it doesn't seem to have any of the secret battle chips already unlocked at the start of the game although I did but it used.

    Looking at Yahoo Japan there are a couple more EXE 3 Black's up there which don't have the CESA emlem on them either, strange coincidence?

  4. It may also be because of re-releases and changes in box designs. The 1st editions may not have the CESA, and the later games that were released have them?

  5. @Anonymous

    Ah, you must be new here! PRC is not just a site for news, but a place that spot lights cool and rare Mega Man/Rockman items on the web. This particular item falls into the former.


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