Monday, July 12, 2010

A Closer Look At The Interactive Rockman Storybook

A little while back we caught a small glimpse of a neat interactive Rockman storybook from Japan, which had readers taking on the eight Rockman 6 Robot Masters through solving puzzles and brain teasers. Furthermore, "boss battles" were carried out through a unique, built-in slot machine; line up the appropriate numbers and defeat the Robot Master!

Today we're taking another look at the book, but this time in its entirety. Thanks to the efforts of an anonymous reader, we've obtained photos of every page and activity the book has to offer. Yes, it's mostly in Japanese, but still pretty fun to look at. Images after the break!

Very, very cool. I'm truly envious of the Japanese youth for stuff like this.

Interested in adding the book to your collection? There's actual a copy up for bidding on Yahoo Auctions Japan right now, however you'll be needing a proxy service in order to bid.


  1. Very interesting indeed, though I have to laugh at how messed-up Centaur's proportions seem. XD

  2. oooo, what's the link for that auction? i'd love to try to get it (if i can afford it!)

  3. Oh yes, some Megaman 6 love 8D.
    Some of the art could use some work, but it's pretty nice, overall =)

  4. It's too bad people don't make things like this anymore (stupid iPhone)

    I really need to finish Megaman 6.......

  5. I like the new minor enemies. What, there wasn't enough to choose from in the actual game? I guess not since they had to make new ones! lol.

  6. Glad to be of service :) Keep up the good work Protodude!

  7. Stage 8 "Knight Man" seems to be missing.
    It jumps from "Stage 7 - Blizzard Man" to "Stage 9 - Wily"


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