Thursday, July 1, 2010

Battle-Damaged Zero Figure Is Simply Awesome

Hot on the heels of the Rockman DASH models comes another custom creation slated to appear at garage-kit convention Wonder Festival. Dubbed "battle-damaged Zero", the figure depicts a battered and weathered Zero in the heat of battle, a display that fans of the red crusader will surely dig.

Created by a chap going by the name of Rockman@Leopard, the kit will be sold exclusively through the Wonder Festival convention, so don't go counting on getting a hold of one. Nevertheless, that shouldn't stop you from admiring some high quality photos of it over at FG. Click the link to chem 'em out!


  1. Oh man that's awesome!

  2. He may be damaged, but his hair remains as shiny as ever. Hahaha.

    Seriously though, great figure.

  3. An offtopic question:
    Somebody knows when megaman megamix vol 2 comes out? undon said in may what happened?

  4. Will it be articulated? Or is it just a statue?

  5. Wow! I always love me a little artistic interpretation :)

  6. @Enigma: I've got no news on that front right now. Looking into it.

    @Anon: The sculptor didn't specify, but from the looks of it, it might just be a statue

  7. Something's off with his face. Otherwise, pretty cool.

    I'd rather see a battle-damaged X figure, though. That would be awesome.

    ... not that X would ever really BE that battle-damaged, of course. ;)

  8. @MaverickHunterAsh:

    Are you sure about that? Didn't both X and Zero get severely damanged during Mega Man X5's ending?

  9. That figure's amazing. I agree with MHA though, something's just not right with that face.


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