Monday, July 5, 2010

GameSide Magazine Features Rockman 10 Concept Artwork (Updated)

The latest issue of GameSide magazine is out in Japan, and with it comes a nice little feature on Rockman 10's development. The special spans six pages and even touts some conceptual art of RM10's Robot Masters and their respective stages. Scans below!

UPDATE (7/5): The rest of the scans are out. Check them over at The Mega Man Network or after the break. There's some pretty fascinating stuff, well worth a look!


  1. Nitro Man's stage looks like a futuristic city in the concept art.

  2. Yeah Im the first to comment on this!!!

  3. Giant grenades?! awesome.

  4. I see these, and now I wonder what MM10 would have looked like if it wasn't 8-bit.

    One has to wonder why they made such awesome concept art in the first place.

  5. Interesting concepts, imagine if the grenades in Commando Man's stage where real! It would be a huge explosion!

    What I understand in the texts:

    Nitro Man: ("Weapon: Wheel Cutter" and "Weak: Chilled Spike")

    Commando Man:
    Weapon: Commando Bomb
    Weak: Wheel Cutter

    Minefield ST
    *Missile \
    *Container } 's silhouette
    *______ /
    (Standard ___ potato masher _,__)

  6. @Krazy Monkey and Alilatias

    Hey um... I'm really am sorry I snapped at you two. I need to learn to respect your opioions.

    You two have your opioions and I have mine. So I wonder if we can be friends.

    But Saito is a diferent story...

  7. @Krazy Monkey: Looks kinda like the city in the opening. In the stage, I guess that's what it is, but at night?

    @Atilatias: Uhhh... to conceptualize? That's generally the purpose of concept art. It goes look great, though, but I hope you weren't implying maybe they made it for a more advanced remake. Possible, but not likely, especially just based concept art that's totally normal.

  8. Great concept art! They really help you imagine what a robot master's stage would look like in a non-2d platformer setting.

  9. @ Alantor: It's alright. I snapped there too.

    I guess I was finally tired of acting as an apologist for the 8-bit crowd when there's really nothing to look forward to in the Rockman universe, aside from a very likely 8-bit MM11 and Megaman Online (which probably won't even reach US shores until 2 years from now at the earliest).

    @ JDAManson: Random musing and messing with people, take it however you want.

  10. @Alantor:

    Ah, no worries. Apology accepted.


    Actually, yeah, now that you mention it, it does look somewhat like the city the was shown in the intro.

  11. Well,i like how Commando Man's Stage was going to looks like two Gaint Grenades (Obviously)

  12. What issue # is this of Gameside? 24?

  13. Atilatias:"I guess I was finally tired of acting as an apologist for the 8-bit crowd"

    Your apologizing for the retro people? You're saying you're being sorry for the old fans for being old? Well don't be sorry, because I'm NOT!

  14. @Rock-X:

    Stop. Just stop.
    Comments like that are the very reason why people like Krazy Monkey, Alilatis and I are getting sick of the 8-bit people. -_-

  15. @ Rock-X
    An apologist is someone skilled in apologetics: the act of arguing in the defense of a certain cause, usually, but clearly not always, religious beliefs.
    When Atilatias said that he/she was an apologist for the 8-bit cause, it meant that he/she argued in its defense. An apologist is not that different from an attourney, only apologists don't get paid and they're not nearly as unctuous. :P

    To the topic on hand: I love concept arts. They usually give me great ideas for my own drawings. These in particular are very nice. Shows that a lot of thought went into the designs of these stages, contrary to what many (including myself) believe. Just wish there was more to show for those designs and concepts: hard to appreciate in a 8-bit background. D:

  16. @ Rock-X: Not saying that you're one of them, but what I meant is that I was tired of supporting the insufferable people who meet criticism of the 8-bit style with nothing but personal assumptions and flames.

    (Crap like, "OMG you don't like 8-bit! You're a graphics whore and a gaming n00b! Go back to your 360s and PS3s and leave us true hardcore alone!")

  17. This is why idiots like Rock-X and Saito won't stop badmouthing the Classic series.

    I feel your pain. I like the 8-bit series too. I can't stand morons like Rock-X and Saito bad mouthing it. Hell I tried MegaMan 9 and it was hard, but defiantely worth playing.

  18. @Saito, Rock-X, Alilatias:

    Alilatias has a point on not agreeing with this whole 8-bit revival van: classic Mega Man games will be stuck in a identity crisis if we keep encouraging Capcom to make more retro games.

    These "pseudo-hardcore" gamers are easily spotable. They are n00bs themselves. n00bs do the exact opposite of what a hardcore gamer would do: bash everyone that disagrees with them just to show how big their E-cock is just because they bought a retro game (and therefore, gaining the title of hardcore gamer IN THEIR MIND) and beat it. By hacking. On Normal. With Bass. Which is sad. by the way.

    Really, REALLY sad. The "pathetic" kind of sad, IMO.

    I DO agree Capcom needs to slow down this retro charade a bit. I LOVE 8-bit graphics and chiptune music, but HELL, we know Capcom milks their ideas to death. And I don't want that to happen.

    I say MM11 needs, either 2 different graphical styles OR have one UPDATED graphical style (*coughcoughrobotmastersartworkstyleisnewandcapcomshouldstickwithitcoughcough*). I suggest something that's NOT 8-bit. But that's just my honest opinion.

    Related to the article: AWESOME. That drawing style those Robot Masters have is new. I haven't seen it before. Looks great. Also, why in God's name would Wily want to hijack a stadium?

  19. Yeah.

    I'm still icthching for MMX9 which will Capcom will seriosuly try to release. I agree, 8bit is nice and all, but we need 3D graphics on the next MegaMan game or 2D! :D

    Besides, on X9, I wanna know what happened to Axl, he's my favorite character besides X and Zero.

  20. @Saito:Please, spare me the cynicism in your baseless remark. If I was blamed for everything in this world for happening, then Columbine would have happened a year sooner than it did. Besides, if I was such an insuffurable prick, I wouldn't have jumped on to consoles and handhelds beyond 8-bit, but I did. Games growing up became cooler not just in looks but in controls, and I have no problem in people who are into this generations' consoles. The thing is, as much as I like some of the current looks of the graphics, I often want to look back and spend time enjoying the games of yesteryear (and not just 8-bit, I mean I'll go back & play some of my Atari 2600 favorites if I could).
    @Atilatias: I'm not suggesting you should keep supporting the a-wholes' that you described, by all means DON'T: I'm saying don't apologize to people like me (or even yourself) who have a curiosity and affection to playing the best from the past and have no shame to love it. Besides, be thankful the retro style is limited to the 8-bit of NES & 16-bit of 80's Arcades: If it had gone for the monochrome look of the Atari, you all would go absolutely mad in both senses.

  21. @Alantor: Me badmouthing the Classic Series? HAHAHAHA!!! You, sir, are an S-Class idiot because I NEVER said I hated it. Hell, I grew up playing Megaman 1,2,&3 and I love them to death. Why would I bother buying the Anniversary Collection, Megaman 9, 10 & Bass to enjoy one of my childhood gaming icons if I hated it to begin with? WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM, DARTH VADER?

  22. @Rock-X


    I'm really am sorry!

    I thought you hated the 8bit MegaMan series! I'm really am sorry!


  23. @Alantor: Like I said, I'm not in insufferable 8-bit prick, so "Apology Accepted."

  24. The spherical buildings in Nitro Man's stage look like the ones shown in Bomb Man's stage to me. I bet Grenade Man would love to hit every explosive in Commando Man's stage. =P ("That felt good!")

    As for my opinion on the art, I may love 8-Bit but these concept artworks really make me wish they would have turned these lush ideas into something instead of a 2-D 8-Bit plane which they already did once before. Its like their limiting their abilities and their minds because of over-nostalgic fools out there craving 8-Bit this 8-Bit that, like it's some cool fad or something. With all the advanced technology in video game design today, imagine what they could do instead. It's quite disappointing really. It's like an artist which isnt very good envisions an awe inspiring picture in his head, but can't draw it well enough on paper. In this case it's not that they can't, but wont because 8-Bit fan's eat it up and it rakes in the money. Money, money, money...

  25. @Rock-X

    Thanks for accepting my apology.

    And also, you're helping me prove my point of how big an ass Saito is.

    He hates almost everything. All he likes is his stupid fighting games and being a stubborn Star Force fanboy.

    Saito is a jackass who thinks he's better than everyone. He thinks such great games like Final Fantasy 7 and MegaMan Zero Collection sucks cause he jumps to conclusions too early.

    Plus he got banned for good from Gamefaqs cause he was causing scenes there. And thinks Gamefaqs is the worst place ever.

    I also saw him getting banned from Deviantart cause I think he causes scenes there too.

    Also, he thinks collecting fanart and placing them on Youtube is wrong cause he thinks the maker of some AMV or slideshows did steal them without permission. All the maker has to do is say they found them on Devianrtart or some other site and did not make them, you don't need the artist's permission to collect his/her fanart and place it on your summary of your video! All you have to do is say you found them and no way no how did not make them. I have to thank a friend of mine for telling me that.

    May I say more? -_-

    I mean come on, he's causing a scene in here now!

    I don't want to cause a scene here as well, but... *sigh*

    It's his fault he's acting like aq butthead...

  26. Those concepts look great! :)

    Is there any translation of the texts? I only understand what is written in Katakana, like Stadium Stage. I liked what they did with the Wily StadiuM in the stadium gate.


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