Monday, July 19, 2010

Mega Man Swag At Comic Con

Heading out to Comic Con later this week? Don't forget to stop by Capcom's booth for all sorts of free Mega Man swag. In addition to those cute Servbot Bobble Buds, here's some other Mega Man goods to expect at the show:
  • Mega Man Universe foamies: 50 of these will be given out every hour. 2000 pieces total.
  • Mega Man 10 Trucker Hats: Cosplayers who visit the Mega Man Universe kiosk will receive one of these nifty hats.
  • Lithographs: lithographs of sorts will be given out during producer signings. 
  • Servbot Bobble Buds: 1000 of these will be on-hand for booth attendees.
  • Mega Man Kubricks: Capcom will be selling the Mega Man and Proto Man Kubrick figures at their booth. Limited to 500 pieces.
  • Grab Bags: Returning this year are the famous grab gabs featuring games, collectibles and misc. promo goods. You'll never know what kind of Mega Man stuff will be inside!

You can also score some merchandise on Saturday, July 24 at 1PM during a Mega Man cosplay contest. The first 50 cosplayers to show up will get both the trucker hat and foam busters, while the winner of the contest (as judged by Keiji Inafune and MMU producer Ito) will receive a sketch signed by Inafune!

Needless to say, I'm very jealous of everyone on the West coast! (Better bring me something back...) Regardless, please have fun! You can check out the complete list of other Capcom goods at the show and booth map here. It all kicks of July 22!


  1. "Needless to say, I'm very jealous of everyone on the East coast!"

    ...west coast. San Diego is on the west coast. ;P

  2. East Coast? Don't you mean West Coast?

    Anyways, I'm jealous of all you lucky bastards fortunate enough to attend Comic-Con. Have fun without me. :(

  3. Oh, man, is my face red. I soooo knew that...just slipped my mind, yeah!

  4. I still remember when they handed out the Megaman X pogs.

  5. Hm, I am very curious as to what may be in that grab bag... Guess I'll just have to find out when I get there. XD If there's stuff in there I don't like/want, guess I'll just sell them or give them away.

  6. Must acquire...foamy and...servbot bobble bud. Such a shame I am in Florida which is ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY ;_; Hey, anyone! Snag a second set of those free items for me too! =D

  7. Wonder what the litho's display...

  8. Would anyone be willing to send anything from there to me?

    It can be anything, really. Well, anything that is from the Megaman swag.

    Not, you know, an exploding lighter or something. XD

  9. @Saito,

    After the way you acted in this blog, I would say no...

  10. @Anon:

    The way I acted? PFFT.

    All I did was simply say my opinions and actually backed them the fuck up with concrete facts and points behind them.

    That's what a debate is about, isn't it? Or do the rules change when it comes to "8bit and Zero Collection VS Evolving the Franchise"?

  11. I'm in the same boat you are Protodude, not being able o go cause I forgot to register early. Well, tune into Capcom Unity's Ustream. They're doing a live broadcast, and maybe they'll give out a few swag.

  12. @ Saito: It's no secret that some people on this blog think that saying anything negative about what they like = direct personal attacks.

    Surely you've already noticed the type of irony that tends to come from their reactions as well?


    Feh, I can vouch that living on the West Coast does not increase your chances of attending Comic-Con. Or at least, it doesn't increase it enough.

    I live in California, Los Angeles county to be exact, and not once have I been able to attend. My terrible luck dictates year by year that a major summer school (or lately, college) exam has to take place during the week of Comic-Con. There was only ONE year in which I wasn't bogged down by school...

    ...It was during the year that they held the official EXE 6 tournament (the only official EXE tournament ever held in the States!). I tried hard to attend, but wasn't able to due to heavy traffic on the way there. Shame, because I think I had a really good chance of winning, and I really wanted that custom EXE-based light blue DS (well, I remember something like that being the grand prize).

    Man, that highway by the ocean is a total [censored] to drive through in the morning, what with all the arseholes crashing in the fog... Not to mention the tons of morons that have to insist on slowing down just to see the aftermath. :/

    Really, it's like you have to be at San Diego the night before, if you want to have any chance of attending without having to deal with California's infamously bad drivers and traffic.

    Seriously, I think we have the worst drivers in the nation.

  13. @ Alilatias

    Yes! Thank you! Finally, someone who understands about saying anything that may offenned me or some other gamer who likes certain games. Saito has said things that are negative and offensive. Thank you for taking my side on this one. :D

  14. @Anon:

    Actually, if you read his post, you would have noticed that Alil was making fun of you.

    He was poking fun at how people like you take any kind of opinion I say as a direct insult, yet all I'm doing is simply saying my opinion in a much stronger way than most people would.

  15. @ Atlialias

    True. Some people keep their opioions to themselbes, but Saito... He doesn't or don't want to keep his oiopions to himself thus making him, the most hated person in this blog.

    Sorry about that, but he gets on my nervses.

  16. Hate me? Ha, I guess I should feel honored.

    My opinions pose such a major threat to people that they hate me over it? It's the internet, hell, the world, in general. Nobody's going to like what you like, and some people are more stronger with their opinion than others.

    And even so, the things I've said are very valid points. Especially in regards to MM10 and Zero Collection. It's not my fault nobody wants to hear it, closing their eyes and ears like a bunch of 2 year olds.

  17. Actually, I'm a girl.

    *ducks under 'but there are no girls on the internets' meme bullets*

    Anyways, it is a bit understandable to be aggravated by some of what Saito says. However, there is really no justification for the way some people have treated him during the past few weeks. You know it's become out of hand when people are bringing in grudges from past articles into different articles, such as this one.

    Not to say that I don't hold any grudges myself - I, for an example, still remember what kotipeltox said about me sometime last month. I won't call him out for it every time I see him post, though.

  18. @Altitlias

    Sorry about that. But Saito did some things in the past to hurt or offended me and my friends. Hence why I have a deep hate for him...

    So please forgive this foolish fool. *Bows in apology*

  19. The "Bobble Bud" things are pretty cool. So are the Kubricks... but I can't say I'm too terribly interested in the rest of the stuff... But maybe I'm just convincing myself I'm not because I know I won't be able to get any of it!


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