Friday, July 2, 2010

Auction - Promo MM Hats From CES

Currently up for bidding on Ebay are two promotional Mega Man hats from an old Consumer Electronics Show (CES), distributed only to attendees. Based on the hats' logo, I assume they might have come from CES 1989 where Mega Man 3 was featured. Yes, that CES.

Two colors are available, orange and pink, both never worn. I imagine they'd make for neat collector's item if you're into rare promo goods. Click the above respective links to bid!

Thanks, Skaarg.


  1. I totally want the pink one, but unfortunately rent/bills are due this week. =P

  2. Soo ugly. I don't miss the 80's....

  3. Can't unsee this...

  4. Are there any Megaman games on the horizon that I'm forgetting?

    Seems like news of games has been sparse lately.

  5. Mega Man Online.

    That's it, for the moment. When news hits, you'll know.


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