Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Capcom Unity Reveals Mega Man 10 Package Design Winners

Following up on from the winning Japanese designs, Capcom Unity has announced their respective winners for the Mega Man 10 box design contest, chosen by community manager jgonzo and MM10 assistant producer Ito-san.

Winning designs and complementary judge commentary after the jump!

First place design: Laura

Comments from Capcom:

Kevin (creative services designer/artist): The take on the characters is fun and, let’s face it, extremely cute. Good design and it would catch my attention on the shelf because it is out of the ordinary for Mega Man.

jgonzo: Beautiful illustration. Tha art is gorgeous and whimsical at the same time. I'd love to get a poster of this!

Ito-san (Mega Man 10 Assistant Producer): I was amazed by this artist because she created this unique art style and combined it with Mega Man characters. Just looking at the image soothes me. And even Doctor Wily looks nicer than usual ;) Thank you for showing me a new art style for Mega Man!

First place runner up: P-RO

Comments from Capcom:

jgonzo: I love the design and use of colors in this piece! It's a lot more complex than you think the first time you look at it and it looks like something we'd do for a collector's edition of the game. Well done!!

Ito-san: I’ll never forget the feelings I got when I saw this image for the first time. At first it looked like Mega Man was lying down in a field but upon closer inspection those are actually old Mega Man icons and characters. This attention to detail gives me a good idea about how passionate this fan really is. Thank you very much!

Second place runner up: Cessa

Comments from Capcom:

jgonzo: This is adorable. This kind of art makes me incredible nostalgic and the color usage is just amazing!

Ito-san: Roll is in pain with roboenza and Mega Man and Proto Man are trying to fight against all the bosses. This is a very dramatic piece of art! This single piece of art really explains the story of Mega Man 10 very well. I can tell that this artist plays Mega Man 10 a lot! Thank you!

Honorable mention: Rio

And that's that! What do you think?


  1. I can't belive Cessa didn't win ._. her art is just Amazing. Why choose cute over serious >_> i just don't get it

  2. Cessa's looks great. I wonder how that didn't win...

  3. Are you kidding me ? Capcom is really lousy because Cessa's looks great and better than Laura's. Laura's look really not that bad but Cesaa's ways much better. Disappointment.

  4. Cessa's looks wonderful, but it also looks a lot like the Complete Works covers' style. I think Capcom was looking for something more original.

  5. These are all really awesome....especially compared to the ones that won the japanese contest, man those were BAD.

  6. I'd like to see an original, well-done style, but Cessa's is the only that bloody has anything to do with MM10. Furthermore, it's a VERY close imitation of the World style.

    Boxart contest? That should've won.

    Now if this were just an art contest, d'awww, I dunno, they're all pretty darn good.

  7. Wow these are all really nice, cute too. Congratulations to everyone!

    I wonder what happened to the usual bizarre voting results. There was a real nice rut being formed. Glad to see a break from it though.

  8. I'm pretty much with everyone else Cessa's was amazing. It reminds me of Rockman 8's artwork vaguely. The winner is cute, but it's not something at all what I'd expect as the package art for a Mega Man game...

  9. Capcom has a bad taste.

  10. I can totally see Laura's cover being used for a new Powered Up game.

    Well, kinda.

    ...I'll just go stand in the corner now, yeah. >_>

  11. I think Cessa's was the best, then P-RO's was second best. I definitely didn't think the winner was the best of those...

  12. I definitely would've picked Cessa's, too. It's more "Rockman" in feel too, really. That's a bit of a disappointment.

  13. Now that I think about it, the honorable mention looks way more Powered Up-like.

    Count me in for the 'Cessa should have been #1' list.

  14. I must say that I agree with the general consensus of the previous commenters. That is to say, how Cessa's box art did not win is beyond me. Laura's was great, no doubt, and once I blew up the image, I realized its style is a bit different from the official Rockman Rockman/MM:PU artwork.

    However, I was not able to tell for certain who the character behind the Mettool's foot and the character below Rush were. At first glance, the former looks like one of those platform enemies from Airman's stage, and the latter appears to be Iceman.

    If that is the case, then shame on you, Capcom Unity staff, for choosing an entry that showcased characters not pertinent to the game that was the subject of the ocntest. And double shame when you could have chosen Cessa's entry, whose design not only used the proper characters, but incorporated story elements from MM10 as well.


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