Thursday, July 22, 2010

Capcom's Comic-Con Panel Is Live (Ended)

Unfortunately, I'm not at Comic-Con this year, but my buddies from Eye Lazor Beams and the folks over at 1Up are. The 1Up crew are currently live blogging Capcom's press conference, which you can follow right here.

Mega Man Universe details will likely be revealed at the show, so expect to hear news about the title throughout the night. I'll be posting the relevant details from both 1Up's live blog and ELB after the break for your convenience. Should screen shots, videos, etc. come out, I'll be posting those in a separate post. Check back often!


Here we go:
  • last but not least, Mega Man Universe
  • Inafune is here to talk about his game. 
  • "I've come today to talk about this newly announced Mega Man project. and I'd like to introduce the producer who will be working with me on this. Ikaka Ahito. I'm not sure I spelled her name right."
  •  "The game won't be out for a little while yet. Please support us as you provide more information later." and now back to Inafune.  
  • "I'd like to talk about Mega Man's history, first."  
  •  ELB Team: "Capcom US was so insistent on using the MM1 package art, Inafune not crazy about the "old man motif"
  •  (Inafune) He's talking about how Mega Man's true name is Rock Man, and how he thought it was always a goofy name (the Mega Man). He wasn't crazy about the old man pictures that was on the original box arts. "I know from personal experience, that more people come up to me and tell me how much of a Mega Man fan they are. This happens more in America than in a fan. The funny thing is is that they all introduce themselves as '#1 Mega Man" fan. So let's settle this. Who in this room is the #1 fan?"
  • ..."Ok, let's talk Mega Man Universe what a lot of you came for. As a lot of you know there is a trailer and is designed to be mysterious, in that it doesn't show what the game is about." 
  •  "Everyone has their own perception of what Mega Man is. Our feelings in making this game is a platform in that people can play as their favorite mega man, or their favorite character, to encourage imaginative play with this game."  
  •  "The goal is to have Mega Man fans unite together in one place" (sounds like multiplayer of some sort) "I can't go into detail, but you might have an idea of what I'm talking about. And for those who haven't seen the trailer, we're going to show that right now." 
  •  ELB Team: "Trailer came from the idea that everyone has a different idea of what MM is. Idea behind game is to preserve 7bit feel while..."
  •  (Inafune) "I know the trailer is a little mysterious, but what did you think?" Applause, of course. "We'll do our best to get this game into a playable form as soon as possible. We'll have more Mega Man Universe news coming in the near future. I feel bad that you call came here....but I'm going to let you in on stuff that the press doesn't even know..." But I'm HERE.
  • "Of course Mega Man Universe is something I've always wanted to make. But there are other things going on in Mega Man for this year. There are going to be more Mega Man announcements forthcoming. I will tell you that it is an 'oft-requested thing'"
  • the crowd starts to shout titles, to which he only responds "Thank You"  
  • so that's about it. The man is like Yoda. So we'll have to wait a little longer for more Mega Man Universe news, but it looks like we'll probably hear something sooner than that regarding an "oft-requested" Mega Man game. 
  • Panel over.  


  1. Reading that has almost left me with more questions than answers... so it's going to feature more than one RockMan? But also other Capcom characters, which seemed to be implied by the teaser trailer? So confusing...

  2. THAT'S IT? I waited all day for nothing!

  3. @Anon -

    Not for nothing. There wasn't any real MMU news, but the big announcement is that there are Mega Man announcements forthcoming this year -- one regarding an "oft-requested" title. By my measure of what "oft-requested" means, that means one of two games is definitely being announced later this year: Mega Man Legends 3 or 16-bit Mega Man X9... and if so, either way this is a TOTAL WIN of a news day.

  4. "people can play as their favorite mega man, or their favorite character, to encourage imaginative play with this game."

    Classic Mega Man, Shadow Man, Quick Man, Crash Man Zangief, Haggar, Spider, Quick Man.EXE, Shadow Man.EXE, Burner Man.EXE PL0X.

    Anyways, this sounds rather intersting...can't wait for more info.

  5. Seriously...there isn't even a build? What was the announcement? We have nothing to show you...Sigh...there has to be more, maybe by TGS.

  6. Sounds to me like you can build your own Mega Man. That's actually pretty cool!

  7. awesome i want to play as Bass!!


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