Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Inafune Talks Mega Man Universe

I'll admit I'm a tad behind on this story, but nevertheless, it should keep your appetites whet for the impending flood of Mega Man Universe info coming within the next couple days, tomorrow the earliest.

Coinciding with the game's announcement trailer the other day, Keiji Inafune sat down with GameSpot to talk a little about the game. Mum on specifics, Inafune's words offer some subtle hints at just what fans can expect from MMU. Select portions of the interview after the break...

GS: What kind of game is this?
KI: I can’t say what it is exactly at this point, but the people who I want to play are the fans who played Mega Man games growing up. You will see a lot of '80s influence in the sound and artwork used in the game, and in this teaser trailer, you can see a lot of the '80s theme we are going for.

GS: Do you feel that Mega Man needs a reboot or makeover?
KI: I don’t think it is necessary to determine exactly where the character is heading. Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, which were done in the 8-bit style, proved that Mega Man is still widely accepted by its fan base. But, that doesn’t mean that we need to stick only to that 8-bit style because all the fans would get bored of the series. It’s not about whether or not the style is new or old; it is about making new ideas. I am always looking for new ideas for Mega Man.

GS: How much of an impact do all of the previous Mega Man games have on the creation of a new game like Mega Man Universe?
KI: All of the previous Mega Man games and all of the feedback we have received from the fans of the series has always been the biggest influence to our game design. I am particularly excited about how we will be able to implement the fans ideas in Mega Man Universe, but I can’t specify exactly how this will happen yet. 

Like Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, it seems MMU will be driven by the nostalgia factor, though not necessarily in an 8-bit style. Inafune is looking for fan input once more, but curiously, dodges how this will happen. For the complete interview, head on over to GameSpot.

More Mega Man Universe news as it comes in!


  1. Eh, I know I have no right to say this since I haven't really seen anything, but I'm getting a bad vibe about this game.

    Like it's going to be some hodge podge mashup like thing.

  2. "But, that doesn’t mean that we need to stick only to that 8-bit style because all the fans would get bored of the series."

    Interesting. I wonder if this means that Mega Man 11 is going to evolve past the 8-bit art style? Don't get me wrong, though. I enjoyed the retro throwbacks, but like I said before, they can't keep doing that forever. They're going to have to move on, eventually.

  3. I really don't know what to say at this point, but to me, I don't think that interview was the answer to our guessings and expections, because he's still not revealing the game's description. Capcom crossovers are still nice, but for this one, I'm not expecting for Megaman going to other Capcom games, or Capcom characters going to MM world. I was thinking that...the trailer from the other day, seemed to be that its time for fans to create their "own" MM game for Capcom, such like Nintendo did to Warioware for having players creating their own mini-games. For example, creating your own boss or special weapons, or heroes other than Megaman. Well, that's my guess, and I know this may not be 100% right though. For anyone who's expecting for this game or not, any guess?

    But anyhow, I just wish Inafune bring back the robot contest just like Ariga (Megaman Gigamix) did not too long ago...

  4. @Anon -

    You're not the only one. I'm getting the same bad vibe. Not only that it's going to be some hodge-podge mashup, but that the actual "Mega Man" part will be little more than an afterthought, and more a vehicle to get retro fans into it than an actual series title. I hope we're both wrong.

  5. It seems like basically more stuff to divide up the fanbase even more.

    It seems like it's basically just catering to the 8bit "retro cool" fans and that's it. Leaving all their newer stuff to the dust.

    I think they've gotten enough attention by now. Can't we move on from them?

  6. I'm just glad Inafune, at least, among other people, recognizes that if they were to keep using the 8-bit style of 9 and 10, the series would quickly stagnate. I think that shows they're more aware of how we feel than we might think.

  7. I'm still keeping my expectations low.

    Blow me away tomorrow, Capcom.

  8. Hmm, he says how they listen to the fans feedback and getting ideas from that. Never once have I read or heard any idea from any one person or group that has to do with anything this game looks like. I am still not expecting much. But I hope he will prove me wrong.

  9. "Never once have I read or heard any idea from any one person or group that has to do with anything this game looks like."

    Can I borrow your time machine, because all we have is a TEASER video!

  10. We are the 22, i hope more news now...for M-U and others GAMES!!! :E

  11. Could this games engine and stuff be used as a prototype for DASH 3? After all, the Legends/DASH series is something that the fans have loved and put quite a bit of input into...

  12. Hmm sounds like there will be a lot of customizing, which would explain the Megaman transforming into Ryu/Arthur in the teaser.

  13. @Weiss_Hikari: ... wut?

  14. No news???....i hope there will be something...

  15. @Krazy Monkey: I do not think that Megaman 11 will have Megaman 7s graphics

  16. So... Today's July 22nd, isn't it? Wasn't Comic Con supposed to take place today? I find it odd that it hasn't happened yet. Surely it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that some idiots from the Westboro Baptist Churce decided to protest it?


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