Tuesday, April 16, 2024

How to Enable and Play Mega Man 10's Unused Co-Op Mode (Updated)

Earlier this year, a handful of pre-release builds of Mega Man 10's Xbox 360 version emerged, showing evidence of an unused online multiplayer mode, "Assist Co-Op." Although inaccessible initially, thanks to the efforts of a couple dedicated fans, this lost feature has been resurrected.

Follow the guide below to learn how you can start playing!

(Special thanks to red1fouad for recording the footage below and instructions, and AdrianCassar for developing the code!)  

Getting Started

  • Download one of the Mega Man 10 pre-release builds up to the October 30, 2009 build. Anything beyond those build dates will not work.
  • Set Up Machines on the Same Network: Ensure that you have two machines connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This can be another PC or a virtual machine running on your current setup. The current method does not work across different networks. More research is needed.
  • Install Node.js: Install Node.js on one of your machines to host the server. You can download the necessary code from this GitHub repository: https://github.com/AdrianCassar/Xenia-WebServices. Follow the instructions provided in the repository's README file.
  • Optional - Download Radmin VPN: If desired, download and install Radmin VPN for additional networking capabilities.

    How to Host a Game

    • Start your server on the host PC.
    • Using ipconfig, grab your IPv4 address and use that as the host ip like this "ipv4Adress:36000".
    • Use the above address in-browser to check if the host was successful.

    Assist Co-Op Mechanics, General Notes

    • When both players stand next to each other, they will enter the Sync Up state, indicated by sparkles floating around them. When in Sync Up, each player can tap into a more powerful version of the currently equipped weapon. Proto Man's Charge Shot upgrades to the Mega Man 5 Charge Shot.
    • Pressing the up button twice initiates the Pick Up mechanic, enabling one player to pick up and carry the other, or throw them upward or forward. The carried player can still attack while being carried.
    • If the session host player is defeated, it counts as a death for both players. If the guest player dies, the game continues, and they can respawn at the location of the host player. However, once the guest player runs out of lives, it leads to the game over screen.
    • There appears to be an "aggro mechanic" during boss battles, with a lock-on reticle appearing over the player currently being targeted. This hasn't been fully studied yet.
    • Although the ability to play as Bass can be re-enabled (see TCRF), he is not playable during a Co-Op session between two players.
    • The game may crash during Co-Op sessions

    Once again, many thanks to red1fouad and AdrianCassar for putting this altogether. With some additional research, perhaps we can one day play this online without being on the same Wi-Fi. For now, this is an amazing achievement.


    1. How long before someone mod it into the full game

    2. I can't believe they took this out. It sounds like a blast!

    3. It's too bad Inti Creates couldn't have had more time to work this out.

      From the sound of things they overpromised what they could do in a set time frame, so I get why Capcom opted to just drop all of it, but still.

    4. Something like this would be a cool feature in a future title. I still think it's weird that they decided to only have Mega Man playable in 11 despite leaning into multiple playable characters in 9 and 10. Adding back in Protoman and Bass as playables in 12 and allowing co-op between Mega Man and Protoman would be really cool to see. Heck, give Bass his own set of levels designed around his unique moveset and give him back the double jump that was missing in 10.

    5. It's kind of funny to me that this mode works a lot like it did in that Mega Man 2.5 fan game. Specifically, it has "co-obstacles" and puzzles that require both players. Heh.

      Looking forward to a full playthrough of this at some point!

    6. This alone would have bumped 10 up as one of the best Mega Man games for me!

    7. Attacks referencing Wily bosses and X series charged weapons?
      That's really cool.

    8. Well when you lack talent and fair conditions you will never get the full package it's called being selfish and not giving a crap in general lol. I mean why not the majority would defend it so why should the source care about what runs into the fire wall sustained by ignorance. "Picks nose"

      1. Uh, uh, uh. “Never pick your nose in public.”

      2. Why fear breathing without blockage? *flicks snot pebble* isn't that just fear of public opinion? ๐Ÿ™‚ They can all punch the castle walls till their hands are stubs but the only thing they walk away with is my pity. ๐Ÿ˜…

      3. Sure, if your pity anyone walks away is you spreading germs all over your work station.


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