Wednesday, September 7, 2022

New Images of Kotobukiya Full Armor Rockman X (in Color)

First revealed during the Rockman Plastic Model Talk Live Ver.3 stream, Kotobukiya today published new images of the Rockman X Full Armor kit in color. What's more, they've provided a release date and price: January 2023 at 8580 yen. 

We breakdown the specifics of this highly anticipated kit after the jump below!

Before we get down to business, I just need to say that this kit looks absolutely incredible.  First Armor's simple design really lends itself well to the Kotobukiya mold. But what does this kit come with? 

Full Armor X will come with three faces: a stern face, a shouting face with eyes facing forward, and a smiling face that's different from the one that came with the Fourth Armor kits. I love seeing these new faces; they really add a lot of character to your display.

X will also include an X-Buster that can be used on either arm. Accompanying the Buster is a charge shot piece that can also double as a...


Like the rest of the kits, you will be able to mix and match parts from other X kits, so get that sense and skill ready for know, seeing X with all of the Armor pieces except the arm parts makes me really wonder if a certain red robot's first design is coming sooner than later...

Lastly, if you are lucky enough to be able to order from Kotobukiya Japan or to live near a Kotobukiya storefront, you will be able to get this nifty background as an order bonus. The background depicts Wolf Sigma from the final battle of the original Rockman X.

As for the rest of us, our friends at HobbyLink Japan already have Rockman X Full Armor available for pre-order at the price of $53.22 USD, so order today to get him as soon as he releases.

And as a reminder, Kotobukiya's Rockman.EXE kit is set to release at the end of this month. Dark Rockman.EXE is also releasing soon, set to release next month. Rockman fans will be eating well thanks to the fantastic work of Kotobukiya. And we still have several more kits coming, so let's continue looking forward to the future.


  1. No buster effects. You will need to buy the super duper extra special version for that, I guess. No matter, I dont use em anyway.

    1. The big charge, I mean. The only one worth adding to the current lot.

      I'll pre order it eventually. But with stocking issues from other vendors, Koto is probably the best bet.

  2. With that included background one might think the color variant of this will be Rolling Shield...
    Smiling face looks kinda creepy.

  3. What a beautiful piece. I'm so glad Kotobukiya has kept these X-centric series coming. With more confirmed to come, I can only imagine what else from the X series we might see. This is an INSTA pre-order for me. I used to order these kits from the Japanese Kotobukiya shop through proxy services in order to get those nifty backgrounds, but considering the total price of doing it like so and that I still have all of them closed and sealed (they are pretty big to be honest and I have nowhere to display them)... I guess I'll be going for the pre-order at Ami Ami shop who always have these with a big discount but with no bonuses. Happy pre-ordering, everybody!

  4. I'm gonna guess that the alt version will be chameleon sting, as that shot will probably be the easiest/cheapest to make the effect for. they can use the little shots from the X3 armor, make them longer and angle them and blammo, you got chameleon sting!

    1. It would be great to have a decent amount green plastic in this line! Interesting guess, but my money is on Rolling Shield. Making an existing part "longer and angled" is still new tooling; it's the same as a whole new part because they have to make a new tool, and that's the expensive part. CAD costs nothing for stuff like that.

    2. The alt version will almost undoubtedly be a premium color version, just like the X2 Armor. For the simple fact they didnt do the buster parts for the final charge shot.


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