Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Mega Man 8 Opening Animation Gets the 4K Treatment

If you thought the AI-enhanced version from a few years back was impressive, what till ya get a load of this. 

Through the magic of Adobe Animate, MASJ faithfully reanimated Mega Man 8's opening cutscene in 4K HD. No machine learning, upscaling or interpolation here. The whole piece was redrawn by hand, frame by frame. 

But wait, there's a little more! MASJ has the Japanese version in 4K too. It comes complete with Ganasia's delightful "Electrical Communication" theme. 

Without access to the cutscene's original cels (by animation studio Xebec), this is probably the closest we'll ever get to a genuine remaster. One YouTube comment really sums it up: "It's like putting on glasses." 

That said, well done, MASJ! I guess you'll be tackling X4 next, right? Please?


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  2. Wow this is really good. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Amazing job at this recreation MASJ has done. If it didn't feel it an opening to an anime series before, it sure feels like it now. Well done also to the widescreen expansions throughout.

    1. I mean, just try swapping it out with the Gundam Wing OP, works a little too well. I'd show you an example but Bandai Spirits decided it was the correct subsidiary to claim ownership even though Bandai Namco Pictures (formerly Studio Sunrise) owns it.

  4. Ah heh! Yeah, that YouTube comment put it really well! Going from 240p to 4K HD is a lot like putting on your glasses. As a glasses-wearer, I would know~

    This is really amazing stuff, though. Bonus points for the Rockman 8 version!

  5. How many time did I see this opening...? Too many to count, but this 4K quality is simply amazing, Wow! I love the two versions, but Electrical communication is really something. The first animation opening for Rockman, unforgettable.

  6. This has always been my favorite part of MM8, so to see it enhanced and preserved like this makes me very happy.
    Thanks for posting this; stuff like this is why I keep coming back here.

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