Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Direct-Feed Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Gameplay

This year's Tokyo Game Show has come and gone, but we're not exactly through with Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection coverage. IGN Japan recently posted direct-feed footage of the TGS demo, which covers select portions of Battle Network 1~3

There isn't too much going on here we haven't seen already - it's just nice to see (and hear) things directly. We do, however, get a much better look at the first three games' remastered title screens. The dev team even went so far as to reanimate the bits of scrolling code. Hey, it's the small things! 

As previously reported, more Battle Network Legacy Collection updates are coming during a "future presentation". Whether that means another Capcom Digital Showcase or - you never know - a Mega Man-specific showcase, remains to be seen. We'll keep ya posted.

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  1. God i am so fucking hyped for this you have no idea. The music when walking around the net really takes me back to my high school days playing bn during lunch and have net battles with people who played the game in school legit some of the best times during high school where had at lunch playing against people and seeing weird folder working


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