Thursday, September 15, 2022

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Won't Support Cross-Play or Cross-Saves

Now that online NetBattles and trades have been confirmed (yay!), fans were quick to wonder if Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will support cross-platform compatibility. Unfortunately, that appears to be a no-go.

According to an updated product description from the game's official site, MMBNLC will not feature cross-play or cross-saves between platforms. In other words, players on Nintendo Switch won't be able to battle or trade with players on PlayStation 4 or PC. The lack of cross-saves also means players can't access/transfer their progress from one platform to another. 

Now, post-launch cross-support is relatively common these days, so you never know if Capcom will add it one day in the future. But when the game rolls out in 2023, know that you'll only be able to battle/trade with players on the same hardware as you. If anything changes, we'll let ya know.

Source: Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Official Site

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