Tuesday, September 27, 2022

New Monster Hunter Rise and Rockman X DiVE Collab Starts Tomorrow

After two weeks of Monster Hunter Rise event reruns, it was inevitable a new event will come and here it is. This time Rockman X DiVE it's crossing paths with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Find all the details after the break!

This Wednesday, the third collaboration with the Monter Hunter Rise series begins. It brings a new stage, the Missions from the Kingdom event, and the Elgado Market. What's more? Shagaru Armor X will be available from the gacha tomorrow. Gore iCO will join in during the event's second week in a separate gacha banner.

Check Shagaru Armor X showcase trailer:


Shagaru Armor X first active skill is Le Cri. Continuously inflicts damage to a full range of enemies, and gain damage enhancement status.

One of the passive skills will provide a shield while other will provide enhanced defense.

His second active skill is La Calamité. Summon three tracking energy balls that ignore terrain.

One of the skill card will enhance the tracking effect and deals damage to all enemies in the area of impact.

While its not properly explained in the trailer, it seems he can enter Frenzy Status to increase damage dealt and weaken enemy defenses, among other things.

Shagaru Armor X design is based on Shagaru Magala and Gore iCO design is based on Gore Magala, both originally appeared for the first time in Monster Hunter 4 and later in other games of the series like Monster Hunter Frontier ZMonster Hunter Generations and of course Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

The boss of the event stage will be Malzeno Dragoon which is none other than Magma Dragoon and players will be able to ride REX-2000 Tigrex which originally appeared in the 2nd Monster Hunter Rise event: Urgent! Support needed at Shrine Ruins.

When it comes to the missions from "Mission from the Kingdom" event and the Elgado Market, players will be able to get Elgado Tickets by login in every day and completing missions, later this tickets can be spend in the Elgado Shop which content you can check below.

  • S Rank Card: The Quest Damsel Chichae, Sir Jae.
  • A Rank Card: The Scientist Bahari, Doctor Tadori, The Smithy Minayle, The Merchant Oboro.
  • Character memory: Crimson Valstrax Zero, Zinogre Iris, Hunter V (Sinister), Hunter R (Kamura), Rathalos Armor X, Sinister Shadow Saber, Sinister Gatling Gun.

If you didn't get some of the previous Monster Hunter characters and weapons during the previous weeks reruns, you have another chance now!

For more information about the missions to complete and special rewards for those who spend a certain amount of Elemental Metal, check the official event website here.

And that's all for now. Check the developer YouTube channel next week for Gore iCO's showcase trailer. After this event we are entering the Japanese version second year anniversary, look forward to it!


  1. This is the state of Rockman, brought to you by Crapcom. Relegated to nothing more than an advertisement for Monster Hunter.
    RIP, Rockman ☠
    Sell off the property to better stewards.

    1. You say that as if the only thing that happened to the whole franchise for the last three years where related to MH.
      Just a week ago they treated the port of Battle Network as one of the main events at their TGS showing.
      And Mega Man and X have had their fair share of appearances in other games as well.
      Even if focusing only on Xdive, it's not like it nothing but monster hunter content.
      And this kind of collabs are just as likely to advertise Mega Man X dive to people into monster hunter than the other way around (though, of course I'd prefer if people first contact with Mega Man X was with any other game, but that's another question)
      Don't get me wrong, there'are a lot of criticism to target at Xdive, I have said a lot myself, and will likely continue to do so.
      But you're overreacting

    2. Nah. This is just one more straw on a mountain of bullshit.
      You don't know what I am reacting to. And you wont. Because I am not getting into it here.
      But here is a hint: They done fucked up for the final time with me.

    3. Considering you don't even watch the Mandalorian or Andor, would selling the IP to "better stewards" change anything in your eyes (seriously, go watch Andor.)

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    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Austin you bring up that Disney fan fiction and you have the gall to lecture anyone on "better stewards"? I cant, and never will, take you seriously after that nugget.
      Your dying of thirst in a desert and someone gave you a dixie cup of yellow liquid and your in heaven. The same someone who stranded you in the first place.

    7. Guess you're not a prequel person either, Shrap. Also, about Square, ever tried Octopath Traveller?

    8. Here is the thing about Star Wars if you must know. This will blow your mind.
      I used to love the OT. I liked the PT. I never liked Disney. When I saw they scraped the EU, I knew they were the wrong people for the job. They took a franchise that was once considered evergreen and put it on life support. They ruined every noteworthy original character except for Leia because she is a Disney Princess after all, can't do that. There is a reason the shows ratings are never listed. There is a reason ROS was the first film to not get an action figure line (because TLJ's didn't sell). There is a reason Hasbro's last two Star Wars Haslab projects failed to get funded. You now have to settle for one or two mediocre shows and say "that's good content". When the overall property and story is permanently damaged, I don't care WHAT "content" they make. I've never seen Disney Star Wars, and I never will. I already know the plot, and I don't care. I don't consider it canon. I can't even watch the OT anymore with the same joy as a result of Disney's meddling.

      This term "content". Capcom's Resident Evil movies and Netflix show were "content". They were all hot garbage. The Street Fighter movies were hot garbage. From what I've heard, Monster Hunter was hot garbage. What do you think the odds are for Mega Man? Hmm? Let's wait with baited breath.

      Quit settling for "content"

    9. Correction: ROS didn't get a figure line because Disney didn't have a plan and kept changing their minds on what they were going to do. To the point Hasbro just gave up. Same root cause, different problem. My bad.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Oh how I love watching you and Gary cry over a mobile game keeping this franchise alive. Never change manchild. Never change.

    12. Your responses about Taisen made it seem like it was about "content". Anyway, you didn't answer my question about Octopath Traveller.

    13. Octopath Traveller is irrelevant.
      Austin, your thinking my past arguments were different, as though that matters. None of them contradict each other. Both can be true. That's a thing.

    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    15. Clearly it was allowed because it's calling you guys out. All you do is complain mate. That's not healthy. Don't run to the hall monitors. You have a problem with me calling you out, then address it as such.

    16. Austin they won't answer your question because they'd rather cry to the mods of this website over me calling them out. No crying about every single Megaman Xover post is manchild behavior. What are you changing? Nothing.

    17. MegamanXover no crying about every single Gary Daniel post is manchild behavior. What are you changing? Nothing.
      All you do is complain mate. That's not healthy. You have a problem with me calling Capcom out, deal with it.

      You almost have a point. But here is a 🍪. Good effort.

    18. Lol I have replied to 4 posts in my lifetime on this site. 😅 boy I had some small expectations, absolutely disappointing truly. I'm not crying about a mobile game keeping a dead series alive. But hey all the more power to you, I'm sure that will do so much for you.

    19. MegamanXover Your position doesn't work because complaining to a company will at least get acknowledged while complaining to a customer does nothing. Shrap is 100% right on this one.

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  2. Another Ico?! That's the fourth variant and this one looks more in place in Gal*Gun or some generic anime waifu mobile game than she does in Mega Man.

    Missed opportunity to give an overdue variant to an established character like Marino or Vile who would both work as great choices as Monster Hunters.

  3. Again with another female character in Monsster Hunter armor who's half-naked. Real missed opportunity to make her look like an actual megaman character. So sick of Capcom. Can't wait til this "game" goes offline.

  4. Gore iCO looks great! Really loving the contrast of purple armor with her blue eyes.

    But another X alt? Doesn't he have a Rathalos Armor alt? Could have given it to someone like Iris -another- or Angepitoyeir. Hell, since X & Zero already have MH alts, why not give one to Axl? Lame choice overall.

    1. They could have, but X is the main character of his series where as fanfic Iris and creepy shota fantasy Angepitoyeir are made up characters for this random side mobile game.

      If X getting spotlighted features is boring because you think very minor side characters deserve it more, than I question why you would be a fan of the franchise. Maybe to usurp it into something it is not and never was to suit your wants? In any case, that sort of thing is worth gatekeeping for conservation purposes. If anything Axl and the proper main character gang of X and other series main characters should get an armor over this ridiculous made up iCO character that probably was specifically created for creeper purposes rather than genuine love and congruence to the X lore, aesthetic and mythos.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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