Friday, September 9, 2022

2nd Monster Hunter Rise Mega Man X DiVE Collab Drops Later This Month

The second collaboration event with Monster Hunter Rise is coming to the global version of Mega Man X DiVE on September 21. Before then, the first Monster Hunter Rise event is getting a rerun. 

Also, we have a special present for you in the meantime...

Tthe first Monster Hunter Rise collaboration event is getting a rerun on both NA and EU servers. Players will have the chance to play the Code Name: R.I.S.E event again and try their luck on the gacha banner for Hunter V (Sinister), Hunter R (Kamura), and Rathalos Armor X! The capsule is packed with one free 10-pull too!

Hunter V, Hunter R, and Rathalos Armor X will get their DNA Code unlocked as well.

On top of that, both servers are getting the Grudge Axe limited weapon capsule which guarantees an S-Rank weapon on the first, third, and fifth 10-pull. The event Master Utsushi’s Challenge will begin letting players earn some rewards.

The following packs will be available on the shop:

1. Daily MHR Pack: $2.99. One available per day.

  • Kamura Supply Pouch (★★★) x2
  • Element Metal x150
  • Element Metal (Paid) x50

2. Special MHR Pack 1: $54.99. One available per user.

  • Kamura Supply Pouch (★★★) x10
  • Element Metal x1200
  • Element Metal (Paid) x600

3. Special MHR Pack 2: $99.99. One available per user.

  • Kamura Supply Pouch (★★★) x20
  • Element Metal x2400
  • Element Metal (Paid) x1200

When it comes to the LATAM server, they're moving on to the second week of the Trial from the Supreme Commander event and the Iris -another- capsule. The DiVE Fest Popularity capsule featuring Omega and Awakened Zero will be available, and players can get free 10-pulls through daily login rewards! Finally, Omega will get his DNA Code unlocked.

The following packs will be available in the store:

1. Popularity Ticket Pack 1: $10.99. Three available per person.

  • DiVE Fest Popularity Pickup Ticket x1

2. Popularity Ticket Pack 2: $38.99. Two available per person.

  • DiVE Fest Popularity Pickup Ticket x4

Once again we have some free goodies for you. This time it's a code to get 100 EM and 100 Character Patches. It can be redeemed once per account.

To get the goodies, use the code G2GYAHN in the settings menu. Click on Activation Code, type it in and press OK.

The code is available for ALL SERVERS and expires Sunday 11:59PM EST. 


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