Sunday, January 10, 2021

Lost Stereoscopic 3D Mega Man 1 Mobile Port Dumped

Today we're dropping a rare and relatively obscure mobile port of Mega Man 1 that -- if you have the right hardware -- can be played in stereoscopic 3D! 


"Mega Man 3D" came pre-installed on a small handful of 3D-supported Sharp phones in late 2010. It's essentially a direct port of Mega Man 1 with the ability to play the entire game in 3D. To give a better sense of what it looked like, load up one of those "Nintendo 3D Classics" on the Nintendo 3DS. That's pretty much what we have here. 

We have two versions of the game up to download: 

  • ORIGINAL VERSION (requires Sharp 3D-enabled phones + Android 2.2 or Android 2.3)
  • PATCHED VERSION (can be played on any phone BUT you must have Android 2.2 or Android 2.3)

Both can be downloaded here. To play the games proper, you'll need install the included .odex and .jar directly to your Android phone's system/framework folder.

Now, if you choose to play the original version on a phone, you'll need a phone that support's Sharp 3D API running on Android 2.2 or 2.3. Anything older than that won't work. BlueStacks doesn't agree with either version of the game, too. For now, I mean.

The following Sharp model numbers can run the game in stereoscopic 3D if the proper version of Android is installed: 003sh, SH-03C, sh8158u, sh8168u, 005sh, 007sh, sh-12c, is12sh, 006sh, infobar a01, sh80F, sh8298u, 009sh, sh831t. I recommend seeking out sh-12c as it has a better chance it comes with Android 2.2.

If you'd rather not mess around with all this downloading stuff, you can try your hand at finding a Sharp AQUOS 006sh. That was the "flagship" 3D phone that comes with the game pre-installed.

While it may be nothing more than a gimmicky port of Mega Man 1, it is a part of the franchise's history... and it's no longer lost!

Many thanks to kraze for safekeeping this!


  1. I don't need it but I have to have it for my collect. Hope for more. Thanks for sharing. Good job. That's why I love about your site!!!

  2. It's amazing what you folks manage to dig up. I only wish I could find such legendary or obscure artifacts as often as Rockman Corner does. Maybe you guys are secretly Diggers yourselves.

    1. Ya just gotta keep looking. Yahoo Auctions is a big BIG place that yields many treasures. For a price

    2. I guess I just need to start with an actual search criterion before I begin looking for legendary treasure. XD

    3. thank you for your efforts! the community appreciates you protodude!

  3. Hi Protodude, can you re-upload the Rockman Gold Empire? I think back then Allaweh supposed to redump it again to fix something (I don't really remember the detail) but went missing since then.

    And where can I get all those betas & protos?

    1. Look to the right, Anon. There's a link for those treasures right there, under Betas & Protos~!

    2. Oh yeah... My mistake! I thought that link going straight to "The Cutting Room Floor" because the first word that I noticed in that redirected page was "tcrf".

      By the way, why did you removed your Mega Man 10 rant? I used to read it long time ago. Republish it.

      And why did you change your name, Joseph? For trolling?

    3. Granted, that button did used to lead to our Dropbox/Drive with everything in one place. But around this time last year, I was contacted by Capcom staff to take it down. Publicly.

    4. @Protodude, mannnnnnn... there used to be a period of time that I didn't check upon this site and apparently something important would happen around that time like the deletion of the official Mega Man forum (I failed to back it up and the archived at WebArchive is not that good, better than nothing I guess).

      Anyway, can you fix some of the typo from Dr. Light's Research Journal (you can check the recent comments).

      @Josephine Lithius, Y U No reply? U mad bro? ;p

  4. Huh. A "Nintendo 3DS Classics" remake before that was a thing. Downplay it all ya want, this is still really neat!

  5. I do wonder if there's any chance to dump the rest of the games bundled in those Sharp phones?

    Those phones came with ports of Resident Evil Degeneration and Ghost'n Goblins Gold Knights (both were available only for iOS)


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