Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Rockman X DiVE's 8th DiVE Festival Begins

The first DiVE Festival of the new year is here! The 8th DiVE Festival brings the second playable Sigma, a new skin for Ultimate Armor X, the return of the Space-Time Jumper event and much more. Find all the details after the break!

The 8th DiVE Festival banner is already live through January 20th at 15:59 (UTC+8). Let's check Sigma's skills first.

Scythe Throw

Launch a scythe to deal 216.00% damage to all targets in its path. Once the scythe penetrates a target, its damage will reduced to 25% and it will return to your location after traveling specific distance. Can go through landscapes and barriers.

  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 20%, but renders the skill incapable of penetrating the target and the scythe will not return to your location.
  • Harden: Increase damage by 40% after penetration.
  • Death Scythe: Gain the Death Scythe status after defeating a target, reducing the preparation time for scythe throw by 40%.

Laser Eye

Shoot a huge beam forward, inflicting 85% attack damage to targets within range. After a moment, the beam will spread out once more to cause damage.

  • Dynamic Destruction: When a target is hit by the beam before it spreads out, it will cause the target to become slow, reducing movement speed by 22.67%, can be stacked 3 times.
  • Jamming: When a target is hit by the beam before it spreads out, it will cause interference on the target to dispel a new buff 1 time.
  • Armor Protection: When activating a skill, you get a defense enhancement status, which decreased damage received by 34%.

Passive Skills

Shoulder Boomerang: When using Eye Laser, launch two boomerangs from both shoulders to cause 42.5% damage to the target.

Player Killer: When your target is a player, increase damage you deal by 10%.

Melee Mastery: Increase damage by 20% when equipping a melee weapon.

Laser Attack: When the hurled scythe hits the first target, it will release two more laser beams to damage all targets in their paths.

Death Cometh: Launch 4 shoulder boomerangs at once and gain Death Scythe after your first scythe throw.

The Ultimate Armor X "AC Ver." Skin is now available at discounted price for 720 EM (paid) and the SE_DiVE Ver. skin is also back at the store for 960 EM (paid)

When purchased they give a boost of: ATK +32, HP +64 and DEF +16 to your player account.

In the same vein as the Prince of Skies, the Space-Time Jumper event is back to give players the chance to acquire the Boomerang Kuwanger chip or rank it further if you got it the first time. The event runs until January 19 at 22:00 (UTC+8).

This are the characters that give extra coupons and dealt extra damage for this event:

Point Acquisition +40 % & Damage Dealt +40%

  • Sigma (X4 2nd form)
  • Berserker

Point Acquisition +20 %

  • Ultimate Armor X
  • Vile
  • Ion Rifle

Point Acquisition +10 %

  • X
  • Cannon

Damage Dealt +20 %

  • Ultimate Armor X
  • Vile
  • Shooting Dragon
  • New Year Cinnamon
  • Christmas Leviathan
  • Ion Rifle

Damage Dealt +10 %

  • X
  • Cannon

The event doesn't have an online ranking so you can play without any rush. The most notable rewards are 60 memories of Boomerang Kuwanger's chip, six card of Boomerang Kuwanger, a couple of card packs and the usual rewards.

PVP with friends is now available. It's as simple as getting a friend (or not) player ID to setup a private room and fight.

From January 14 at 04:00 to January 19 at 03:59 (UTC+ 8), for every day you complete a "PVP Friend" match you will getCharacter Patch Program x60 and Weapon Patch Program x120.

The rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox before January 25.

Stage Completion Master Part 5 is live, too. It's a bunch of missions that will ask you to beat chapter 11 (normal or hard) and chapter 12 and 13 (normal) of the story mode to get a bunch of "Weapon EXP Programs" and "Weapon Memory Supply Boxes". Be sure to complete the stages before January 20 at 15:59 (UTC+8).

New levels for the Jakob Orbital Elevator are available today. Levels 81 to 85 for normal, hard and challenge mode with a fight against Flame Mammoth on level 85.

The event Clear the Jakob within the Time Limit has been updated with new missions that will give you various items to level up and rank up your cards, a card pack, some EM and the card Wire Sponge. The event ends on January 19 at 22:00 (UTC+8).

With this update we can now check if we already obtained the co-op rewards from the stage selection screen, as opposed to having to enter in every stage to check it. That process was very tiresome, I think you you will agree with me on that  

As for other small things, players will get one Attack Type Hunter Capsule Starter each day for the next seven days, the mail capacity has been increased from 100 to 300, and a few new cards are available. Check the card gallery.

If you want to read about bug fixes, existing bugs or items added to the store, you can so here.


  1. Man, I miss the days when I cared about this game.

  2. My fuzzy memory can't recall a time Sigma went Super Sayian...

    1. Wouldn't that require him to have copious amounts of hair? :P

  3. Over a year now and nothing but Dive. I think it is time to move on to another more legit canon main platform Megaman game, like X9 or MM12, and later ZX3 and a possible Legends 3 resurrection, and more possible series taking place between ZX and Legends. Mobile and handheld is pretty cheap. Better to have multiplatform MM11 + collections style. No one cares about Dive compared to those other potential games I mentioned.

    1. Well, another canon game would be super, but I think you're kinda wrong when you say no one cares about DiVE. It may not be to everyone's liking; in fact, some might even hate the game. But I think from the reviews I'm reading that a majority of people truly love Rockman X DiVE, like myself. It has so much to offer, and people are saying it's getting better and better! It's one of my favorite games. :) Over time, perhaps we will get one of those canon games you mentioned. That would be cool.

    2. Well I said compared to canon games, no one cares about it. Sure some care about it, and I admit it has nice art and some music remixes are nice on youtube. I tried to choose my words carefully. Of course Dive just rehashes pre-existing stuff. Since the collections and MM11 sold well, which they said X9 would be dependent on, it is a wonder why it is not even announced.

    3. The art is good. Still would like to see canon art of Copy X with no armor, but if Capcom releases full body art for all the X8 cast and armors, that will be a bonus. Black Zero, Command Mission Ultimate Armor X and other new arts fill in some of the gaps.

      I too am looking forward to a new console title. I doubt it will be X9, though. At this length of time I almost think they are doing something from the ground up versus doing a follow up side scroller.

    4. These days I just play them on steam or some emulator. I think it was smart that they did a multiplatform release for collections + MM11 to make everyone happy.

    5. X9 depended on how well MM11 did, and it did well, so no reason to think there won't be an X9. See:

    6. This is a recent discussion:

    7. I never said X9 won't happen (though I would NOT be shocked).
      But it doesn't take 3 years to make a TEASER TRAILER for another few hour side scroller when they already have all the fundamental source code... I think they are doing something else. Or nothing at all. Again, I would not be shocked. Who knows? No one is talking.


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