Saturday, January 23, 2021

Mega Man Zero 4 Composer Uploads Original "Falling Down" Demo

Mega Man Zero fans, heads up. Mega Man Zero 4 composer Shinichi Itakura recently uploaded the very first, original demo for "Falling Down." It was composed on December 8th, 2004. That's around four months before Zero 4 launched in Japan!

As a reminder, this is the theme that plays during Zero's final battle with Dr. Weil as they plummet to earth. It's one of many fan-favorite tunes from Zero 4's OST. The number of fan arrangements, remixes and tributes is staggering.

Itakura writes, "when I was cleaning up my old hard disk drive, I found some old song data. There was a sound source at that time that I was involved in composing. I didn't think there was a demo audio mix left." He adds, I am glad that many people have covered the performance of "Falling Down". I would like you to listen to the original phrase."

Thank you, Itakura! Rock on, good sir!


  1. I loved it! It would be nice if other songs could have had their original versions preserved like that.

  2. Yeah Itakura is a great artist, he made a lot of my now currently favorite Capcom tracks.

  3. The newer version is better:

  4. Naisu. Falling Down is one of finest compositions in the series so it's nice to hear the original uncompressed version.

  5. Nice
    Truth be told, I enjoy Falling Down way more than Cannon Ball, but Cannon Ball gets all the remixes... Not that it's bad, just that Falling Down is way better.

  6. What I'm dying to hear is the MegaMan 2 music that was originally composed, but unable to make it into the final game for the later Wily stages. How do we find that out?


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