Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Mega Man Star Force Manga is Now Available in English

Mega Man Star Force (or Ryuusei no Rockman as it's called in Japan) is one of many Rockman manga that never received an official English translation. Illustrated by Masaya Itagaki, it was a trilogy that was originally serialized in Gekkan CoroCoro Comic from November 2006 to January 2008.

Now, thanks to the efforts of translation group Puff Blast, we can read all three books for the first time in English. You can find all the details after the break!

If you're not familiar with this manga, it's akin to the Rockman Zero and ZX mangas -- in other words, it's a more humorous take on the game's story, including how the art is drawn in the interior pages.

A sequel, Tribe Shooting Star Rockman Battle Side Story, started to be serialized in CoroCoro Comics from February to July 2008. It was later released in a single tankōbon that same year. 

Unfortunately, this translation group won't be tackling the sequel as they are using the Indonesian version to base their translations. As it so happens, Battle Side Story was never released in the Indonesian market. Perhaps one day someone will do a translation from the Japanese version. meanwhile you can read all three volumes on MangaDex! And again, per Capcom's newest content policy, we cannot directly link to MangaDex. Google away!

Let's us know what you think of the manga and leave a positive message to the translation group on MangaDex for their hard work! They even translated the extra chapters on volume 3!


  1. The official indonesian translated books did translated the teaser pages for battle side story. Such a shame that it didn't happened...

  2. Lol, what is with his expression in the first volume? His facial expression makes him look evil.

  3. I remember getting the Indonesian ver and it bugged me to no end how little research the translation company did before bothering to publish the mangas. They literally deciphered ウェーブ as "Web" when ー was clearly there. By the time Elex Media even bothered releasing the mangas at all, SF3 had already been released for ages. Web and Wave are completely different too both in concept and in katakana, so what they did just came off as very unprofessional.

  4. Disparaging, belittling and derogatory comment.

    I'm hoping for this comment to get terminated.

  5. Where can I find this manga?


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