Monday, January 18, 2021

Rockman X DiVE - Magma Dragoon Becomes Playable This Week

Magma Dragoon was added as a boss in Rockman X DiVE's 10th Story Mode chapter back in August, 2020. And now, he's going to be playable in this week's Rockman X DiVE update! Find all the details after the break!

Magma Dragoon's active skills are Hadoken, which shoots flame rounds that inflict damage, and Rising Fire -- a powerful uppercut that grants invulnerability while the attack is performed.

This banners also bring the weapon Boomerang Blade based on Crush Crawfish design, one of the Mavericks from Rockman X3. This is a limited weapon so if you want it, you will have one week to get it.

Let's us know what you think about Magma Dragoon's playable debut in the comments!


  1. I guess just anyone can dive in now. Only a matter of time before we get Quick Man or Crash Man and then the game shuts down before we get the other.

  2. As I said in the twitter page (I will remove the twitter post like I do to all that are either ignored or not liked, and I'm sure it won't be liked, but):

    Funny that the effects in this game look poor. Even SNES MMX explosions and debris look better. Mobile games were never good at explosions. Of course I don't play mobile games with tiny screens lacking gamepads. My standards are higher. These days it is PC for me.

  3. I know it's kinda like a spammy post and it's out of place, but I don't really have any other online presense aside from YouTube, recently-created GBAtemp account and... DeviantArt.
    So half a year ago me and a friend of mine were translating X7's story from japanese to english and other language that is not important, I think (russian since it's my native). Are there anyone interested in modifying X7 (patch for japanese rom or mod for Legacy Collection 2) so more people can see how different localization was? That actually was the only reason I kept going through the game, maybe it will be so for others as well.

    Legacy Collection 2 lags a lot when I play in X7 and X8 so I needed to use emulation. It lagged as well, but at least the voices weren't delayed at all.
    Sorry for spamming, I just can't find the other way of notifying people that this thing exists and can probably be inserted in the real game when the grammar is fully corrected so I'm reduced to this.
    I'm no modder, I'm an amateur translator. Translator that loves Axl.

  4. I'm glad that people who want to play as Magma Dragoon can now.
    This doesn't have much to do with Rockman X DiVE, but does Magma Dragoon's theme remind anyone else of the song "Beyond the Colosseum" from Demon's Crest?


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