Thursday, January 14, 2021

Official Mega Man 11 Youtooz Figure Announced

Do you collect vinyl figures? Then you're probably no stranger to Youtooz. The Canadian-based company catapulted to popularity in 2019 figurines based on YouTubers and internet personalities. They're known for their short stature, attention to detail and... tightly  closed eyes.

Recently, though, Yout stoozarted branching out -- creating and distributing figures based on popular IPs. And today, they've turned their squinty gaze towards 'ol Mega Man.


Official product description:

"I can take it, doctor! I want to do this, no matter the cost! Hook me up! At 4.3 inches tall, the official Youtooz x Capcom collaboration continues with the release of Mega Man! Part of the Mega Man 11 collection, this figure shows a detailed two blue tone megaman in a wide stance ready to fire a rocket directly at you. His double-walled window box is beautiful, showing the extreme details of the inside of the game. This figure ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve."


The vinyl Mega Man figure stands at 4.3 inches tall. Pre-orders open on January 22nd from Youtooz directly, among other stores. It's expected to ship sometime between May 21st and May 28th.

Grab yours from the links above!


  1. I don't collected figures because they used up the space. Surely, I have seen some Rockman figures looked awesome but I prefer Rockman games to collected instead.

  2. Usually I’m very turned off when some companies butcher mega mans face or do their own weird take on it. But this one...this one, looks really good, IMO. I love their take on it. For sure buy.


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