Thursday, August 2, 2018

Mega Man 11 "Balloon Rush Mode" Gameplay

Shown on Capcom TV's stream the other day, here's a little over five minutes worth of "Balloon Rush Mode" gameplay from Mega Man 11 (known as "Balloon Attack Mode" in Rockman 11).

As the name implies, Balloon Rush tasks you with destroying as many blue balloons as fast as you can. If you accidentally destroy a red balloon or miss a blue balloon you'll get a time penalty. Based on the footage above, it looks like you can use Rush Coil and Speed and Power Gears to assist you. No word yet if Special Weapons will be at your disposal.


  1. I'll have to admit, it does look kinda fun. I wonder if there are any special unlockables that you can get from this mode?

  2. Not my thigns. I am into storyline and ending story and thats about it.. No challenge modes or any modes. Waste my time, really. I love Rockman games and storyline/ending story are my things.


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