Thursday, August 23, 2018

Pachislot Rockman Ability Gets Classic-Themed Bonus Game

Well it seems the classic Blue Bomber as we know him exists within the Pachislot Rockman Ability universe! This bit of news comes to us from Twitter user Yamato_Nare who seems to be playing the game a few weeks early.

What you see here is a bonus mode that can be activated within the game. It features 8-bit-inspired versions of the Ability cast playing a classic series themed mini game titled "Regular Bonus".

It's not exactly know how this mini game is triggered, but if the name is anything to go by you probably get it from achieving a regular bonus. We'll know more soon – Pachislot Rockman Ability's September 18th distribution is fast approaching!

Source: Yamato_Nare


  1. You should've left well enough alone capcom.

  2. Man, Capcom must believe that this will make waaaaaay more money than, oh I dunno, X9 or something. This is a lot of effort for a slot machine.

    1. Trust me, this will definitely make more money than X9 could, sad as that is to say. Pachinko parlors are massive business in Japan.

    2. capcom aren't the devs, plus this is gambling we're talking about so yeah probably gonna make a lot of money.

  3. I thought for a sec that the title meant that we were gonna get an 8-bit classic platforming spin-off of Rockman Ability to complement the Pachislot machine. That would have made me happy.


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