Monday, August 6, 2018

Rockman 11 Production Note Preview – Rock & Roll Concept art

E-Capcom posted a little sneak peek from the Rockman 11 Production Note on Twitter today. The sample page includes some concept art of Rockman in his day clothes and various pre-production Roll designs. Pretty nifty, eh?

If you're just catching up, the Production Note is a 64-page book included with the Rockman 11 Limited Edition set. The book features concept art, character profiles, commentary, interviews, tribute art, and more. You can see a rundown of everything inside here.

The Japanese-exclusive Rockman 11 Limited Edition set is currently sold out at Amazon Japan, Play Asia, among other online stores. No word yet if stock will be replenished.


  1. Lmao they’re still giving Roll the vacuum. some things never change. I guess Dr. Light can’t make robots that clean the house.

    1. He did it's called Roll and another use to be called Rock (probably still is).

    2. Sure, he can.

      They're called "Rock" and "Roll." ツ

  2. Ah, nice! I'm always happy to see Roll in different outfits! Rock, too!
    (But, we all know I'm more of a Roll fan, ha hah.)

  3. As far as I know, Amazon Jp is not selling the limited edition, that's exclusive to e-capcom, Amazon only sells the collectors package.

  4. Is it weird that some of Rock's designs reminds me of Ash's?

  5. I am very upset I can't buy the Production Note without buying all the other stuff. I only want the game and this book... Doesn't help that e-capcom can't ship oversea.


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