Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Rockman Corner & The Mega Man Network Team Up for "The Fully Charged Podcast"

So here's something fun we've been meaning to do for, gosh, forever?

As LBD explained, this is fairly new for the both of us. We're open to feedback for future episodes. Just be nice about it, yeah?



  1. Haven't watched yet, but wanted to ask if it'll come to youtube as well? That's my preferred choice for listening to podcasts, but here is fine as well

  2. It's something I'd definitely like to do, but none of us have any experience with video editing, and PD doesn't have a video camera, so just straight-up recording us talking is out.

    I do have an idea I'd like to try implementing if I can find the right people, including a sprite artist and someone who can edit videos (or ideally, both), but if that doesn't come to pass, we may just do the "static image" thing instead.

  3. Enjoyed it, you guys have good chemistry together. Maybe you can add some music or even lines from the show to make the podcast more varied, not just talking and talking, which is fine anyway. Can't say I'm a fan of the show (not yet) but for sure it was enjoyable to listen both of you talking about it. We need more Mega Man podcasts.

    1. Maybe! Aiming for shorter episodes going forward, so even if there isn't more music, hopefully it won't be as noticeable. Maybe we'll try to do something when we run longer like this, though. =)

  4. I've always liked Nyte. He's a pretty cool guy. I never really made an effort to be "friends" with him, but in our interactions, he's always been super-nice and super-friendly! However… I have absolutely no idea how far his knowledge of things "Mega Man" go. So, maybe, I should give this a listen. Hee hee~

    Boy, I haven't listened to a "podcast" since… 2013? I used to listen to "Retsucast" religiously, though. I wonder if this will be my new "Retsucast…?"

  5. of course Dr. Light would build be the most humanoid robot of them all, that's what the robot masters are.
    also, of course he knows Aki is Mega Man. it gets more obvious in later episodes.

  6. FINALLY got around to listening to this... and I loved it. I really hope you guys continue doing this because it's so nice to hear the latest about Mega Man with two people who are so involved with and passionate about the series. It helped shed some insight on things I've been wondering about the show (concerning Dr. Light knowing about Mega Man's identity) and resonated with me with reactions to things like the "pixel art" moments and where they're headed with Bert Wily. Because the show is aimed at such a young demographic, and is so different from the source material, it's been rare for me to see much discussion about it besides immediate dismissal, so this was a really cool thing to listen to. And heck, I'm always up for a podcast discussing the latest in Mega Man news, too! Keep up the great work, I hope another episode is coming soon!

  7. Please continue this! It's really cool to have a Megaman podcast and you guys are fun to listen to!


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