Friday, September 6, 2013

Who Would Win in a Fight, Mega Man or Beck? Inafune Speaks

I think all of us have engaged in this debate at one time or another: "If X and Y met, who would win in a fight?" Batman vs. Superman, Godzilla vs. Gamera, Twinkies vs. Cloud Cakes. The list goes on. Now that Mighty No. 9 is a thing, we've naturally begun to imagine who'd come out on top if Mega Man (classic) and Beck duked it out.

Kotaku brought this very quandary before Inafune last week at PAX. In his mind there's only one clear cut victor. "Unfortunately, Mega Man is an older robot and uses the older parts. A little bit too old school,” Inafune said. “I don’t know if he would be able to compete with the newer, shinier version of Beck.”

Well, what do you think? Agree, disagree? I think I'll be taking a rain check until we see a little bit more of Beck in action. Sorry, Inafune.

For more Mighty No. 9 talk from Inafune, read up on Kotaku's in-depth interview.


  1. Pffff! That's spite talking.

    Mega Man would whip Beck's ass. Green-ass newbie.

    1. I agree.....ridiculous article. Oldschool? I think Retrogaming was cool for him.
      It's not comparable because the gamestyle is different, or if you want about power, Megaman EXE Beast out with Falzar+gregar is the strongest.

    2. All you guys saying one way or another are dumb. We don't even know anything about Beck.

  2. A lot of fanboys will comment here i think. It's bad but anyways.

    Classic,X and exe for the tactic/rpg/action will be always in my Heart.

    Inafune SAID a lot of things, we can think He tries to push the megaman community on him.
    Damn there is a lot of goodies, fangames, im pretty sure Capcom must know now how the megaman serie is liked with all the goodies bought (The statue was TOTALY bought!!!)

    I will wait first, the Tokyo game Show this month, i hope seriously something, because the fanboy of Mighty are boring, because they think Megaman is dead => mighty replace him.

    It's horrible and no much fraternity.

    1. Megaman as a series is dead unless you count the horrible Xover "game" and the Smash Bros cameo, you can thank Capcom for that.

      We can only hope Inafune's competitiopn may puch them to actually make a good M game again.

    2. We Are The Dead!

  3. Well, that's some confident for the one who creates a new game should have. If he can create a "successor" that better than any Megaman's model before then why not ? I would be happy to see it. However, less talk, more proofs Inafune :D

    1. Its maybe not the same gameplay style, Touhou game doesnt have a lot of gameplay but the gameplay style is very interesting. SO its not comparable. lmao.

  4. To be fair, Beck does transform into all kinds of stuff and can even walk on spikes.

    Classic Rock really is below that in performance, X or other Megamen would be better suited for being Beck's rivals with all the extra mobility and skills they have.

    Of all the blue bombers, Rock is the most basic one.

    1. skills, what skill ??????
      You have only 3 screenshots and some pictures black/white colors.
      You dont know anything, it's maybe slow gameplay type then. We dont know

      And the game wont be release before Spring 2015

    2. That sums it up

    3. @emmanuelf06 "You have only 3 screenshots and some pictures black/white colors."

      I also know how to read, bro.

      There is a very clear description of the gameplay mechanics and skill Beck is being designed in the KS page, if you read it and have played the previous Inicreates MM game you can get a very good picture of how the game will be.

      Look at the concepts too, Beck an become a magnet to disarm enemies, become a tank to carry heavy stuff and walk on spikes, transform hi limbs in all kinds of weapons and gadgets like drills and machine guns, and this is only on the surface... He has more in common with Megamen like Trigger and X in the sense that he can carry weapons-ready equipment and adapt to the stages.

      The realeas date is irrelevant, also. They have been pretty clear about the project's goals, we actually know a lot more than we should for a 2015 game if you think about it.

    4. megaman dying in spikes are just game mechanics, obviously a fucking spike would not be able to kill the him... even a human can walk/touch on spikes.

      But let's go to the feats:

      Megaman was able to lift a entire castle in megaman 5

      he is faster than light.

      has much more combat experience than beck

      can create black holes, can create flames hotter than sun and stop time.

      And use rush armor that further increases his strength.

      Beck would screwed up if he try to face megaman.

    5. yep, that's absolutely correct. with Mega Man's full arsenal of weapons, he can absolutely destroy Beck

  5. Godzilla would wipe the floor with Gamera's pathetic ass!

  6. Any MM would wipe the floor with beck, I still like Beck tho sorry Inafune.

  7. That's the stupid question. Who would win ? Win itself is a cruel and brag to me. I do not believe in win and lost. Everyone are the winners.. EVERYONE including Megaman and Beck are both the winners, period.

  8. We'll just have to wait for the inevitable crossover fangame, right?

  9. The only thing that gets me is his reason. Just because Mega Man is of an older model dosn't mean a darn thing. Look at the X series. Who are the strongest Reploids? The oldest ones. X, Zero, and Sigma.

    1. Sigma was cheating, he made a new stronger body everytime! xD

      also, reploids are cheap knockoffs of X... And both him and Zero were made by the greatest geniuses of their world.

  10. since this is being posted on ROCKMAN corner I think a of of the posters opinions here are going to be a little biased =P
    Honestly I can see beck standing toe to toe with megaman, even defeating him. However the same cannot be said about the later models X, Zero etc.

    1. True, but on the flipside, we can't draw an accurate comparison due to not actually seeing Beck in action yet.

      For my own bit of heavily biased speculation: Beck may be able to go toe-to-toe with Classic Rock, but the likes of X, Zero, and Volnutt could wipe the floor with him.

    2. I see your point, but we can also see that beck is highly adaptable being able to transform to suit the situation. Now, the same can be said about megaman, we select different weapon types to adapt to situations. Personally I consider Volnutt to be similar in power to classic megaman (okay he's more powerful) Whereas in his trigger identity matches X in power. I'd say:
      Megaman Vs Beck: Beck would win my a slight margin.
      Beck Vs Volnutt: Matched
      Beck vs Trigger: Trigger would win
      Beck Vs. X: X wins hands down
      Beck Vs. Zero: Zero Wins hands down

      Lol I know I'm gonna get crap for this XP

    3. @Hypershell
      Well X-infinite potential, and Zero-ultimate destroyer (I haven't seen enough to gauge Beck yet, but so far) yes. But Volnutt would die. Classic Rock can even beat Volnutt easily, in terms of sheer abilities.

    4. What's that about Volnutt and sheer abilities anon?

      Volnutt's a reincarnated battle-model reploid. Chronological millennia and definitely technologically ahead of any other series. The world he's in uses quantum power as currency. At peak he can output energy on a scale no other Mega Man matches; Both on a damage ratio and on a shot and shot scale. Even more than when a Mega Man is a boss for another character. The going joke is that he finds Zero's sabre and X's buster and thinks they're toys. Even if that last part isn't true; what's Classic Mega Man got up on him that doesn't delve into trumpcarding, like saying he'd win "'cause he'd stop time"?

      Since we're doing power levels; I gotta say; I don't know why people assume Trigger was stronger than Volnutt had the capacity to be. Trigger fought the System to a draw. Volnutt beat it. Following linear storytelling logic; the leader and the leader's guardian would've been the strongest their faction had. Maybe Trigger was bigger, had more built in weapons, had thicker armor, and could turn into a dragon, and whatnot. But Volnutt got the job done using whatever he found, bought in a junk shop, or had Roll put together for him.

    5. lol not a bad point! I never thought about it like that. Still, it would be interesting to throw them all into battle with one another to see who comes out on top.

    6. Beck vs Rockman = Beck Wins (Rock is the most outdated Rockman Inafune knows best)
      Beck vs Rockman X = X wins hands down
      Beck vs Zero = Zero wins hands down (in both his original "X" body and copy body)
      Beck vs Trigger = Trigger wins (His tech is alluded to being at or above X/Zero)
      Beck vs Rockman.EXE = Tie (if you include style changes and barrier chips)
      Beck vs Star Force Geo Stellar = I dunno I hate that series (I'll say Beck lol)
      Beck vs Rockman Model ZX = Vent/Aile wins (having the powers of X/Zero = overkill)
      Beck vs Rockman Model A = Model A wins (the MM most like Beck, it'd be a good one)
      Beck vs OVER-1 = Beck wins, cuz Xover as a game is a POS... tee hee.

      Of course many of us are biased, we ARE Rockman fans... :P

    7. Drebin: You sound like a fanboy. Half of your statements of Volnutt are unfounded or are straight assumptions based off of surrounding circumstances. I will admit he found a toy zet-saber that he treated as such with less than "zero" skills, but it sure as heck wasn't Zero's.

      Anonymous2: Are we basing the power and effectiveness of characters on how much we like them, now? I guess it does work for Batman. But still. EXE and Star Force given they are able to use the full extent of their abilities in their environments, are by far some of the most powerful Megaman characters to date. You are just lying to yourself or are ignorant if you deny this.

      I don't wanna see this display of 'power levels (what are we DBZ now?) are high in the future and Volnutt was built in the future must mean he's using high levels of energy and technologically advanced combat abilities' fanboy logic. Need I remind you that no Reploid was able to match Zero, even planet busters like The Mother Elf or a straight battle with Omega(a Reploid that was the cause of over 40 percent of other Reploid's destruction) three times, with three forms each one stronger than the other, including one with Zero's original body more than 200 years after his creation and could even possibly still be alive?

      Volnutt is just outclassed from what I've read, seen or played of him. ESPECIALLY to the likes of Beck who we've only read little about so far and already has a distinct advantage. Volnutt hasn't even displayed the ability to evolve naturally due to his own abilities yet, unlike EVERY OTHER MEGAMAN ever created. Volnutt is just outclassed in every way in these battles with these characters.

    8. @previous Anon You take things to seriously, let the Legends fans live in their own deluded world (LOL at thinking Trigger is above X, Zero, or Starforce MM LOL), but you sound like a hardcore Zero\EXE fan .EXE isn't really as godly as you say and in the real world without battle chips he's a gonner. (though Star Force MM is godly true)

    9. @Anon4: Sad thing is I'm not even that much a fan of EXE or Star Force, but I'm not gonna be an idiot and say that they are the weakest forms of MM I've seen. I'm more into classic. But I put bias aside to think straight.

      EXE in bug style(to name one) can destroy and create his world. Hub/MM.EXE can negate and counter beings (Nebula Grey/Duo) with enough power to destroy his world and everything in it as well as having reality warping powers. He can absorb things like the Cybeasts that in turn gives him powers like invulnerability things that would destroy other beings of MM.EXE's type if attempted. This is all without any assistance from battle chips. If he were in the real world with all his abilities most things would be the ones that are goners if he wanted them to be.

      That said I don't really like MM.EXE, but I'm also not gonna lie about him. I do like Zero though, but my favorite character is Cut Man. But you're not gonna see me saying Cut Man is the strongest character ever.

    10. Well anons since you've entirely dismissed any validity to my points because I made a joke; I'm up to play this game for another round. Even conceding for no given reason that the ingame combat performance of Volnutt such that the ammo he has or that he's capable of shooting comparable charge shots 200 times a minute, and that his canonical history is subjective? Then there's always the option to give you physics lesson.

      When I say "Volnutt is the most powerful". I didn't say "I think Volnutt would hands down beat everything else ever in a fight." I said "he has the most power". Though for me, hearing someone say that Volnutt, without question will lose against a mentally limited robot with less horsepower than a lawnmower? That is worth a chuckle to me.

      Based on their power sources: Megaman runs on sunlight, he'd be lucky to break megawatt hours. Zero and X run on atomic reactions, which take the energy produced by fission or fusion from the force subatomic elements are ejected which could be millions of times as powerful as solar power. Volnutt runs on Quantumn power, which takes matter and directly converts it into energy. Which, if you remember E=MC^2 is a function that produces exponentially more power than any matter/matter reaction. To the tune of septillions more than nuclear reactors on weight to weight ratio. It'd be impossible for the amount of electricity in the internet or the ambient radio waves or comparable radiation in the network games to match those energy functions.

      For Volnutt not to have more power his disposal; refractors energy release model would have to be more than a quadrillion times slower than X's or Zero's reactors. And he'd have to lose more than 99.9999999999% of the energy it did make. And I would love to hear a reason any of my rationale is flawed beyond "You're bias" or "Megaman's not real science". You want to argue the limitations in utility he has with that power? There's little to have; He can't change weapons on the fly, he can't invent a weapon after a fight, he can't weaponize data, he can't rewrite the code to the world he lives in, and he can't teleport through radiation. But he is able to produce more power than our entire civilization does. And I do think that he's equipped to throw that at things he fights.

    11. @Drebin: Physics, really? Dude Refractors are the primary source of energy because the world Volnutt lives in is barren and people have to make do with what they have. Having the source of energy/=using it properly. Quick Man (MM2) can move at speeds more than up to 1000 mpm you're over here talking about 200 shots per min with upgrades that still don't have enough impact to rapidly dispose of stage enemies and hazards.

      You sure love to amplify you're boy based off of nothing. "The weaker than a lawnmower" MM can produce feats like holding up an entire fortress with a single hand and has a base of 1500 horsepower (most powerful modern lawnmower= 8.5 hp). MM (read this carefully now) CONVERTS solar energy to high energy functions and blasts (as well as many other things) capable of shredding steel and vaporizing hard rock. Compared to X's base conversion energy output which is many times more powerful and infinitely upgradable. Not to even mention the Variable Weapon System they both have.

      Volnutt without any upgrades or accessories struggles to lift a rusted door and lack of mobility disallows him to jump on or above 2 story modern day inspired houses. Very simple things regular "weaker than a lawnmower" MM does with ease in spades. Not to mention his inherent design is built to assess and progress though complex problems with his "limited mentality".

    12. Part 2
      Dude, if you want us to take your exaggerated Volnutt seriously stop comparing him to the likes of X and Zero. X's fusion reactor (which is not atomic by the way and still is based on solar technology that coverts energy) isn't even a defining characteristic of his internal systems, and contents of such internal systems have never even been released canonically in the franchise, and have been known to boggle great minds in the franchise far ahead of its inception. X has shown many signs of his X Drive coming into play, taping into his unbound potential at a moments notice. Has been known to take nuclear explosions directly with no signs of physical damage. Take large amounts of damage to his core and survive to grow even more powerful in an awakened state etc. Zero is a whole other story.

      One, I don't have to dispel your augments with the options you've given, I can simply state that you're lying, mistaken or don't know what the heck you are talking about. First off Trigger/Volnutt's schematics have never been delved into detail, and if it has I would like to see your source of information. I doubt he runs primarily on quantum refractors and that brings me to my next point. No where in science does it state quantum mechanics' physical exchange properties shortcut or accelerate the rates of conversion of matter more so than any other theorems of other universal mechanisms. Not only this but quantum theory is random by nature and would not articulate any giving source of energy output on its own without any associated external factors in any known language, including mathematics. Nor does science ever indicate the sole properties of quantum mechanics equate to any specific rates of energy production (I major in the field of physics but for your benefit-use wiki-), thereby making your arguments invalid on virtue of misinformation. On top of all this, Refractors(Deflectors in Japan) have not even been explain as to what they are comprised of or their primary basis of construction. To top that all off, in the Mega Man series there are hints all over that Refractors have existed and been put into use long before the Legends series. Therefore meaning its science has existed in an indefinite past some of which dates back to the Zero series. If its basis is around a maximum energy output, it couldn't have been of much more use than the other energy sources in that series, as that series is all about finding a bridge to a more efficient energy source, which it accomplished without the use of refractors.

      All that aside I'm still calling you a bias fanboy because like I've said before your arguments of Trigger/Volnutt are unfounded and based around circumstantial evidence. In terms of feats and official cannon information Trigger/Volnutt not only doesn't come close to your exaggerated explanations, but to any other Mega Man as well. You should quit while you're slightly behind.

    13. Factoid Calender of the day? Yes I am gonna joke about it and yes I am another anon dude because do we really need to point out the real power source of beloved fictional characters? Just saying...

  11. Y'know I love Mega Man. But... he is the eternal underdog. I've always been unable to cope with the claims that Mega Man is supposed to be super powerful. All ingame indications are that he's the slowest, weakest, least agile, most frail, and least powerful robot this side of a mechaniloid.

    I see people want to call that game and story segregation. But X and Zero frequently match or outpace their maverick couterparts in some domain even if it takes upgrading and boss skills. The Data Mega Men are hard to gauge, but even if most of their power is based on their battle chips/cards; their persistent abilities can still stand up to their games after some progression. The ZXers transform into mostly different robots or actually become their enemies.

    But Classic Mega Man? The only rated advantage he had in a fight before he could charge his buster was counterpicking. I think the only biographical advantage he had starting out was the implication he was more adaptable and smarter, between the variable tool/weapon system and generally being purposed as a problem solver. And maybe if what Duo says is true that justice is a powersource.

    Beck seems even more adaptable, and has a greater range to counterpick in. As well as generally augmenting his performance beyond what comes out of his hand. My money would also be on the Silver Stretcher. Or... uhh... Black Bruiser? I can't tell which is the dominant color scheme.

    1. tha original rockman is the best

      he owns ringling brothers and does rings round the other clowns

  12. I kind of agree since classic Mega Man by a power stand point is the weakest out of the bunch. X, EXE, and Star Force Mega Man have a better chance of winning.

  13. I like how he took the technological angle on this - that literally, the only reason Megaman might struggle is because he's made of older tech. But the best part? He didn't answer the question, either. He said "might not be able to". This means there'd still at least be one heck of a fight.

    But let's face it - in a true who would win, the answer is "the one currently controlled by the player". And then they immediately realize they're not enemies and join forces. Only upgraded because they "absorbed" each other's powers.

  14. Guys, I think you are taking his answer in the wrong way. I think he only say that because as the presenter,"seller" for Beck he should say "this game is really good" and the desire to surpass the old game is also inevitable. For example, if right now Capcom tell you that they will make a new branch of Megaman, what would you expected? A cooler one, or something has low quality like "...-OVER" and they tell you "We did that to show the respect for X, the new character cannot be cooler than him" (??). If Inafune can bring a good game, then by all means, let's support him for that. We may even have a better Megaman game to compete with Beck and I believe that's also Inafune's hope too

    1. I do hope seriously no one is taking this and losing friends over it. In truth it's not actual information having to do with any of the games. It's just a germ for a good bit of fun. No fandom can resist a good hypothetical fight.

      Though yeah. I suppose so if Inafune plating that seed has the side effect of having Mega Man sites, forums, and fans discuss Mighty 9 even more? To the point Beck is engrained in the fandom's psyche, spreading awareness to make him more synonymous with Mega Man? I'm sure that can't hurt the game in the long run.

    2. Naw, most of this conversation is remaining friendly =)
      To be fair though, there IS still a lot we don't know about Beck. He could be far more powerful than we currently think, or he could have a base strength similar to Megaman. Or will he have the same limitless potential as X?
      I hope we can get an idea soon! ;)

  15. What a lot of people don't realize is that Mega Man has 10 full games of different weapons, Beck has 1 game. So Rock has the advantage in the fight.


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