Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mighty No. 9 Concepts: "Xel" and the Three Doctors

For the final Comcept Concept Wednesday, the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter brings us a double dose of behind-the-scenes goodness. First, we have our first look at the "xel" mascot character, tentatively called "mega-xel". This design serves as the basis for the plushie (one of the $175 pledge rewards).

Cute, sure. But who or what is it? You see, "xel" is an important concept to the world of Mighty No. 9. The world "xell" (pronounced "cell") stems from the word "pixel". Each and every individual xel is a cube-shaped robot, and it receives orders from a central unit known as a "core." Beck, Call, the Mighty Numbers, and ordinary robots are all composed of xels! Every action a robot takes is ultimately made possible by the communal work of xels. They are what cells are to a human being, in other words. Pretty cool concept, wouldn't you say?

Second, we have the doctors responsible for creating Beck and the Mighty Numbers: Dr. White, Dr. Blackwell, and Dr. Sanda. Director Koji Imaeda and his team are still hammering out what the trio will look like, so hopefully we won't have to wait too long.

For more details and images, hit up today's Kickstarter update. You won't be disappointed!


  1. Calling it now, in a subversion of expectations, Dr. White is actually the villain (he made the Mighty No.'s), Dr. Blackwell is cranky about how xel technology is used but otherwise has little to do with the goings on, and Dr. Sanda is either the shopkeeper equivalent (ala Auto) or just becomes Beck and Call's best friend as they stand to fight against Dr. White's bid for world domination.

  2. Interesting concept. So that means a big "not Yellow Devil" robot is certain to appear? XP

  3. Gee, i wonder who the villain might be

  4. Pixel -> Xel -> Cell.
    They are reeally clever with this stuff.

  5. So, those who donated $175 have quintessentially paid $55 for a mass-produced plushie and t-shirt? And, let's not forget the extra $25 for shipping and handling, thus, bringing the grand total to $200. >_>

    Geez, these people are just as bad, if not, worse than CAPCOM.

  6. I'd cal that a good deal considering you are supporting the development if the game, that's also where your money is going. And worse than Capcom, NO WAY. I don't agree with every thing Inafune has done, but worse than Capcom, have you not seen how they've treated MegaMan for the past what... THREE years!


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