Friday, September 6, 2013

Relive the Mighty No. 9 Reveal Here

Can you believe it's almost been a full week since Mighty No. 9's debut? Crazy, I know. In commemoration, here's the complete PAX Prime panel recorded by 2 Player Productions. The best part? We get to see and hear the audience's reaction. It must have been amazing to be there in person!



  1. Launching it with the fans was amazing (even though it messed up)! Seeing how it got started pumps me up even more!

  2. Call = copy roll, lol.

  3. @Anonymous #2:

    Within our household, she goes by the name "Roll-Call", lol

  4. Wait, did they end that with . . . the Protomen? I mean, that's awesome, but kinda' random.

    Still amazing this project had over five grand by the end of the just the announcement! I've got to get the ball rolling and get my donation in soon!

  5. I was there and it was incredibly awesome. Many people in the audience whipped out their phone and started loading up Kickstarter (internet was very slow with that many phones) to back it.

    This was my fourth PAX and this was by far the best moment out of all of them.


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