Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One More Shot of PrototypeZ Studio's Mega Man X

By way of Tomopop, here's an additional shot of PrototypeZ Studio's upcoming Mega Man X sculpt. From the looks of it, I believe we're looking at a concept mold. A few small cosmetic elements are probably subject to change by the time the final sculpt goes on sale.

Still no word on price or release date, but I have reached out for comment. I did learn, though, that the sculpt is being handled by the talented Erick Sosa (sculpting) and Burjis Shroff (CG modeling). In fact, you can see Burjis' conceptual X render here. From CG image to the resin figure above, things have already changed quite a bit.

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward this one!

Source: Tomopop


  1. Why make this when the d arts figure looks just as good?

  2. Keep in mind that this figure is most likely, by the looks of their other releases, unpainted and not poseable.

    It's just a figure for hobbyist's and whatnot.

    1. then wouldn't it be more awesome if he was in a cooler pose or something?


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