Sunday, July 28, 2013

Say Hello to Rockman Nanoblocks

Ever heard of Nanoblocks? They're these Japanese LEGO-type bricks, but significantly smaller. Anyway, a set of Rockman Nanoblocks are coming to to e-Capcom. There is a Rockman set and a Cut Man set. Each set comes with just enough blocks to make accessories, enemies and other fun stuff.

The sets are scheduled to launch in October for 1,890 Yen a pop (roughly$19.25 US). There is a growing market of Nanoblocks here in the states, so perhaps we'll see them on our shelves too! I'll keep an eye out.

Source: e-Capcom (via The Mega Man Network)


  1. Cute. But these look easy enough to recreate using regular Nanoblocks... or with Lego otherwise.

  2. If only Tomytec was still making their Dot-Pin toys; I'd give anything for a good official Rockman set.

  3. Yes!!! These look really cool! I would love to get both sets and I hope they are released here in the US! <3


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