Monday, July 15, 2013

Archie Mega Man's Ryan Jampole Nominated for Harvey Award

The Executive Committee of the Harvey Awards and Baltimore Comic-Con have announced the nominees for the 2013 Harvey Awards. Ryan Jampole earned a nomination in "Most Promising New Talent" for his work on Archie Comic's Mega Man. He penciled issues #19 through #23 and select Worlds Collide variant covers.

Unlike the Eisner Awards, the Harvey Awards are nominated and selected by the comic book professionals themselves. The winners will be announced at Baltimore Comic-Con on September 7th. Congratulations and best of luck, Ryan!

Source: Comics Beat


  1. thanks! I am just as surprised as I am honored!

  2. Gooood Luck Ryan ! Your megaman book is really nice and cool ! I like the last (i have) Part 5 with the ship and splashwoman and the others, it's really cool to have some "normal" stories too ! Not only action i mean.
    (sorry for my english x)

    Let's continue, i will buy it! =)


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