Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mega Man & Mega Man X Statue Now Available for Preorder

Originally mentioned back at PAX, the silver coated resin statue featuring Mega Man and X is now available for preorder from the Capcom Store. Much like the 25th anniversary Mega Man statue, it will be sold in limited quantities. Here's the lowdown:

  • Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide
  • Each individually numbered
  • Silver finish to commemorate Mega Man's 25th anniversary
  • 9.5" tall with 5.75" x 9" base
  • Weighs in at nearly six pounds in solid resin
  • Sculpted by Jerry Macaluso of FaceOff season 2 fame

If you like what you see, swing over to the Capcom Store and secure yours for $99.95. Thanks to MagicWingLT for the tip!


  1. Totally preordered this last night right before midnight (EST) haha. I would love to get number 25 for his 25th.

  2. I'm good with my light-up, full-color, classic Mega Man statue, thanks.

  3. No problem Protodude :) Thought everyone should know about it. Ordered mine this morning around 10:30. Wasn't missing this chance to get both statues since I missed the 10th Anniversary one. :D

  4. Already had money set aside for this. Had a feeling it would be the same price as the other. Had to go for it because I simply refuse to pay double or triple down the line. lol - That, and because it's a pretty damn cool statue. Didn't know it was sculpted by a Face Off contestant. Pretty cool!

  5. Seeing this statue seems to remind me of only one thing... -->


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