Thursday, July 11, 2013

Check Out Some Rockman Xover Concept Art

Game Watch has a rather large interview up with the staff of Rockman Xover, and while we await a translation, we've got a nice batch of OVER-1 concept art to tide us over. For convenience's sake, I've posted them after the break.


  1. the armors are cool, but his game...

  2. I;ll never touch this thing... but is it explained in the game WHY THERE IS FRIGGING FUR ON AN ARMOR?!

    1. Why would fur be any different than features like Zero's hair and Centaur Man's tail?

      Besides, there have been robots in the series with fur in the past. Pluto from Mega Man V, for instance. Ice Man has puffy fur on his parka, and Tomahawk Man wears a furry loincloth.

      I like these armor designs. Too bad they're not in a better game.

  3. Because it looks awesome that's why

  4. Man... it almost feels like all these super designs are being wasted on that game... am I the only one thinking like this?

  5. I have yet to play the game (and still would love to), but these amour designs are indeed pretty epic.

  6. I definately don't feel that the armors are wasted because other people in other countries get to play the game, but I really do wish we'd at least have had a demo or something. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I'd still like to see and play the game for myself before deciding on that fact.

    Also, the armors for this game do seem rather fun and creative in points.


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