Monday, July 29, 2013

Localized D-Arts Bass Now Available (Update)

Just a friendly heads up -- Amazon has begun shipping Bluefin USA's version of Bandai's D-Arts Bass action figure. So if you're on a budget and don't feel like kneeling to exorbitant import shipping fees, this one is for you. Grab yours here before they're gone.

As a reminder, the localized D-Arts figures are no different than their Japanese counterparts. Same figure, same accessories. The only true difference is the packaging; Mega Man branding instead of Rockman. No biggie.

UPDATE: Amazon's having a bit of a, um, glitch? The figure is not shipping. From Amazon, at least. So... yeah. You might want to look elsewhere right now.

Thanks to Chris Carter for the tip!


  1. Wierd mine still hasn't shipped and i preorded day 1. Fuckers

    1. Don't feel to bad, WTS...

      Mine hasn't shipped yet either.

      Still, the good news is the localized release will put a slap down on all those pukes on eBay charging $150+ for this sucker. Collectibles are one thing, but charging that much for a brand new and in-production item is just plain exploitation. The Hell with them.

  2. UPDATE:Status on this item has been reverted back to "Not yet released".


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