Saturday, July 6, 2013

Preorder Your D-Arts Black Zero

Because you know you want to. Right now, Big Bad Toystore is offering preorders at $37.99. The figure is slated to ship in January 2014. If you're not too keen on importing and don't mind a little wait, this may be the way to go.

If, however, you want to import, be on the lookout for a listing at Amiami. Should be up any day now.


  1. LAME!...
    Still retail price as of the regular Zero. No new accessories, same faces except of that they changed the eyes pupils to different positions, THATS IT?! Sorry Bandai, i'm going to pass on this one. Don't need another Zero, I need another villain other than Vile. I wouldn't be surprised if this is what tanks the line.

  2. I've pre-ordered mine! I don't understand the hate for this.. I can understand the frustration of the lack of variety, but when they revealed the nightmare zero last year everyone was saying how they wanted the black zero instead.. myself included. and now it's here and everyone's upset.. I don't think this figure is the result of the latest poll.. but if it is then I'm happy it wasn't zero series zero.. if any figure would tank the line it would be that one I'd say.. Plus with the release of Ultimate Armor X, I would feel incomplete without the zero equivalent..

  3. I don't want it!

  4. July 6, 2013 at 4:04 PM: Iris would more likely tank the line, since very few actually care about that character and most only pretend to after the April joke when hipsters on these sites created hype and the bandwagon jumpers got on bored. Zero from the Zero series and other Zero series characters on the other hand have the most amount of fan figures of any other series or characters in franchise. Zero series Zero also had the most amount of votes BY FAR in the last D-Arts poll, more than doubling the third placed character total votes and having nearly 2,000 votes over the second placed character. I also love how when ever people on these sites don't get what they want they say -insert figure- will tank the line, despite the conditions surrounding it.<kappa

  5. At that price, I normally would have said "Yes".

    However, knowing what this specific figure is, I have to pass on the offer. I'll wait for something that actually took them effort and brain cells to come up with.

  6. I don't know. I am of two minds with this. I read that this was a limited figure in Japan (something that I missed when I read the last article). If that's the case, then I certainly wouldn't mind a recolor being harder to get than a brand-new made character. I forgot who mentioned that, but that is a good point.

    That 37.99 price tag is not bad, either. I don't know if that includeds shipping, but D-Arts figures go for about $10+ more, so that is actually a good deal.

    Still, it's a blatant repaint and it's being released in the states at that low price. Getting the Japanese figure and keeping it in its box would obviously be worth more, despite being the same figure. But at 37.99, I don't think I can complain TOO much. At least they aren't selling it for $50 or more in the US. :/

  7. Now if Bandai wanted to make a figure that's a to-the-letter mockup of that planned Ultimate Armor for Zero we saw a while back...that'd be cool.

    Or maybe other prototype stuff?

  8. Haven't pre ordered yet! This will be my first bandai figure!
    I Actually was gonna get A Vile or VAVA in japan.
    I'm really looking forward to this figure!
    Go Bandai!

  9. I wonder when they make the ride armor for vile.


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