Saturday, July 27, 2013

MMBN6 Boktai Sidequest Now in English

Here's a little treat for all you Mega Man Battle Network fans. The Rockman EXE Zone has released an English translation patch for Battle Network 6's special Boktai sidequest. If you recall, this crossover scenario with Konami's solar boy was completely gutted from localized versions. But now, several years later, we can enjoy it!

The video above shows the translation in its entirety. Hit up the Rockman EXE Zone for the download (be sure to read the instructions!). Enjoy and May the Sun be With You!

Thanks for the tip, DjangoDX!


  1. Awesome, I've been waiting for a patch like this. This was the one thing that really upset me when I got BN6. I loved the Boktai and Mega Man cross-over missions in both games series. Such a shame they were cut out of Star Force and Lunar Knights as well.

  2. Was there any particular reason they were cut? Arbitrary, or was it Legal BS rearing it's ugly head again?

    1. It's actually really simple: Boktai 3 did not release in the U.S

      I don't believe that would have caused any legal issues, it's just very practical. I mean, why promote another series if the latest game in said series is not available at retail?

    2. I still don't think that's a really good reason to cut content, though. Removing promotional stuff is one thing, but actually removing legit content?


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