Friday, December 14, 2012

Visit AppBank, Get an Exclusive Xover Card

Capcom sure loves to distribute these golden, limited edition Rockman Xover battle memory cards. 4Gamer has announced that folks that put their money down at AppBank locations throughout Japan will secure an exclusive battle memory card.

The card in question is none other than the good Dr. Light (in his Powered Up incarnation, no less). You'll receive a serial code to download it when you purchase an accessory-- phone cases, earbuds, or a number of iPad accessoies. Like all things labeled "limited edition", the card will only be available for a short period of time.

So unless you live in Japan, this post probably serves little relevance to you. But if you'd like to get a hold of this card yourself, check out Yahoo Auctions Japan. You'll frequently find these limited edition cards up for auction.


  1. You know, to be honest, I've almost completely forgotten about this piece of garbage. I guess that just goes to show insignificant it truly is.

  2. @ Krazy Monkey - Oh boo-hoo-hoo.

    Also going off-topic here: does anyone know if any characters from Zero, ZX or Star Force appear as bosses in Xover?

  3. @Zerker:

    Oh, the irony. You're always so quick to comment on people being "butthurt", but the only one I see that out of right now is you, because someone said something bad about your precious Xover. Well, tough luck. Get over it. If you're allowed to like this garbage, then I and everyone else have just as much of a right to hate it, and say what they please about it without idiots like you breathing down their necks.

  4. @Zerker: Tsundere Man?

    Anyway, the only bosses are from classic, X and Battle Network.

    The Zero series is completely absent from the game, except for Zero in the title screen artwork.

    Also, the official site is saying something about a special card illustrated by Iwamoto, the artist of the X manga.

  5. From official site's background:
    "Battle memories are collected and they are strengthening and their strongest Lokman. Customize!"


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