Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Street Fighter X Mega Man: C. Viper Footage

The Street Fighter X Mega Man coverage just keeps on coming. YouTube user afterw0rdz managed to smuggle out some excellent footage of C. Viper's stage over the weekend.  Click here for part 2!

Thanks for the tip, Jack!


  1. That elevator needs to be fixed

  2. Not gonna lie that stage looks pretty boring.

  3. Yeah, level design is quite poor, at least in this level.

  4. When in doubt, place more Joes.

    AHH SOOO inspired.

  5. Now I understand why Inafune leave that sh*tty company

    Th big bosses are cancer not only for capcom itself but also for the gaming industry

  6. fans should make a game call Rockman X Capcom's Chairmen

  7. It's... 8-bit Megaman.

    Woo... So original...

    I'm sorry. I know it's a fangame, but with the way it's being hyped, you'd think it would be something big and new!

  8. I don't think this is one of the stronger stage designs (Urien's and Dhalsim's were really good!), but the hallway bit with the death lasers was pretty cool.

    The boss fight itself seems really faithful to the way she fights in Street Fighter IV, which is also nice, even if she doesn't appear to be that difficult.

    It's looking pretty solid. Not incredible, but solid - and still free!

  9. How much are you guys paying for this game next Monday? Nothing? Then why are you complaining? It's like getting an early Christmas gift, and complaining that it's not fun enough.

    I feel bad for Capcom. I mean, sure, I bought a 3DS for Legends 3 and I wanted Universe, and yeah, I was pretty mad at them for a good while, but enough is enough. Look at you guys. You're acting like entitled little babies.

    I've been a MegaMan fan for as long as I remember. My first memory is sitting in my dad's lap while he played MegaMan 2. My next one is playing FlashMan's stage.

    I'd like to think I'm as big of a MegaMan fan as they come. I've gotten into every series, re-bought some of the games, I pick them up and play them on my free time, and I was very upset with Capcom last year.

    But now I'm upset with the MegaMan fanbase. I sympathize with Capcom now. There's no way they can make everyone happy right now. People want Legends 3. People want MegaMan Universe. But some people don't like the platformers... But people don't like the Starforce series either?

    Sure, I'd love to play Legends 3, but I'm not going to hate a company for making a game that wouldn't sell. I mean, how long did '100,000 Strong' take to actually get 100,000 people? A year? So after a year of being released, MML3 would maybe sell 100,000 copies in NA?

    This is coming from a long time, die-hard MegaMan: just drop it. I'd rather go five years without a single MegaMan game than act like you all are, because I'm embarrassed to tell people I like MegaMan because of you.

  10. Oh, TheDiaport. We, as a unified fanbase, are the very definition of entitled at this point. I'm personally pleased this game is free and will be giving it ago. Granted, we need more than 8-Bit classic games and I will argue forevermore that Legends 3 would have sold well had it been released before.

    I will also say that if Capcom is to start "officializing" fan work, then they should take a look at MegaMan X Corrupted, for example.

  11. I don't get what y'all are talking about with the level design, tbh. I think it looks fine. It coulda used a few holes here or there, but the laser things kinda make up for it.

  12. @MegaMac: Corrupted and Chrono X feel like they deserve it more at this point. I feel like this got attention only because a) it conveniently was noticed on the year where Street Fighter AND Megaman have their 25th and b) Capcom seems to prefer Street Fighter. See MvC3 as well as that giant anniversary box.

  13. @TheDiaport

    I have to wonder something. Do you know how much people are going to pay for Megaman Xover?

    For most people the answer is also going to be nothing. Yet it was completely understandable that the game would be criticized. There's nothing wrong with criticism, regardless of whether a game is free or not. So why does everyone want this game to be completely devoid of criticism?

    More over, if Capcom is going to look at this game as a means to "gauge fan interest" and hold significance towards the series in that regard, that's all the more reason to look at the game from a critical standpoint.

    I understand, some people aren't going to be happy until Capcom decides to finish Legends 3. But that doesn't automatically make everyone's opinion about what they see irrelevant simply because you want to write them all of as "entitled little babies."

    From where I'm sitting the level looks fairly empty and thus fairly dull. I don't think there's anything wrong with stating that the level looks like it's poorly designed. Personally I think the reason for the stage to look this way is because the focus of the game really is on the boss fights, the "encounters" with the Street Fighter characters.

    And of course I feel the need to point out a lot of people are upset about more than just game cancellations. The entire fanbase was treated very poorly by Capcom for the better part of multiple years. Things like that take time to fix. If you're willing to sympathize with Capcom, that's fine, but don't write off everyone's opinion just because they aren't so willing to jump at a chance to forgive the company or because they criticize something that is, for all intents and purposes, being presented as a product, even if it is free.


    I would advise you not to try and write off the entire fanbase as "entitled" too.

  14. Entitled? Really? Gods forbid we ask a game development company to get up their rumps and make a game that didn't look like it came from the 80s or remake the brand, that would be too hard.

    Surely street fighter fans would be tickled pick to see red headed ryu and his incredibly broken dragon punch return to the fray of one character fighting games.


  15. @TheDiaport

    I have to agree with you on this one. I'm glad Capcom is getting its act together little by little by getting a fan game over on the PC and all I see is the MegaMan fanbase whining and saying things like Capcom is evil, they're killing MegaMan and crap! *Points to RADIX and Axem White*

    Seriously, the MegaMan fanbase needs to be glad that SF X MM is gonna be released on the PC and they should be fricking happy right now. Jesus, the MegaMan fanbase is becoming the laughing stock of the gaming community!

  16. "[...]all I see is the MegaMan fanbase whining and saying things like Capcom is evil, they're killing MegaMan and crap! *Points to RADIX and Axem White*"

    I'd love to hear you elaborate on this one. Seriously. Please do point out where I (or even RADIX, for that matter) said anything even remotely close to this.

    Besides, who the hell are you to talk? As I pointed out before, I've seen you make tons of "whining" posts yourself, where you did the very things you're accusing other people of doing (such as calling Capcom "evil" and "Crapcom", for example). I've said it before, and I'll say it again: You're the very definition of a hypocrite.

    Honestly, Musashi, you have to be one of the stupidest people I've spoken to in a long time. Why don't you just do me (and everyone else) a favor and just stop posting? Please.

    As for the game itself, I have no problem with it, since I happen to enjoy both series. Plus, I think it's pretty nice to see fan projects not only getting acknowledged, but officially endorsed. Now, if only this would happen with games like Mega Man Unlimited and Mega Man: Triple Threat (even if the latter game is highly unfinished at the moment)...

  17. The problem is... almost lack of mini-bosses. I watched all stages he played, and I found it almost challenge because it was decent to play. I think it needs more enemies to make it very interesting.

  18. "the MegaMan fanbase is becoming the laughing stock of the gaming community!"

    Nonono. That's the Sonic fanbase. The Beliebers of the gaming community.


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