Saturday, December 15, 2012

Revised Mega Man Game History Chart is Bigger Than Ever

Three and a half years ago, Destructoid editor Tony Ponce created an enormous family tree of every Mega Man video game released. It was pretty cool, to say the least. But take a look back on it today and you'll notice a few things are missing. That's why Tony took it upon himself to revise his chart.

From the blue robot's humble beginnings in 1987, to Street Fighter X Mega Man, Mega Man Game History Ver. 2. touts every game under the sun. It's a shining piece of work; free of inconsistencies and spit-shined for today. I didn't put the whole chart in this post (because it's freaking huge), so click through Tony's original post at Destructoid for the download link. The full-sized chart clocks in at 9000 x 7000. That's 9MB of Mega Man history!

Source: Destructoid (Thanks, Tony!)

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  1. The link is broken since years ago...ASTRONOMICAL FAIL!!!


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