Sunday, December 2, 2012

Xover Debuts At #4 On Japanese iPhone Charts (Update)

Three days after its release, Rockman Xover has nestled in at number four on the Japanese App Store Free Games charts. The game is ahead of a number of popular apps, such as 2ch Mobile and Land of Zombies. UPDATE: Oh, would you look at that. The game has jumped to #3.

Also of note... the game is receiving some favorable reviews. Out of 977 ratings, 751 players have given Xover five stars. Conversly, 63 players rated it a one, 23 a two, 39 a three, and 101 a four. Uh, time to rev up those "paid reviews" conspiracy theories?

I kid, I kid. Who knows. Maybe there are some people out there who legitiamely enjoy the game. But I digress; Xover has debuted strong. We'll check in again one week from its release. It'll be interesting to see what happens.


  1. Not good. Definetly not good.

  2. Considering how unbelievably tedious this game is (Heatman's review was optimistic and even HE said it stunk)...I'm confused. Very confused.

    I don't know if the good reviews turning out to be paid would make things worse or not.

  3. I hope it faces a VERY SHARP drop in next week's chart.

  4. And you were all saying how Xover is a bad game?

  5. It is boring and tedious. Of course iPhone users are gonna love it.

  6. So the game is being enjoyed by players...that's good, as long as we don't get to the point of discriminating people because they like XOver, I'm fine with people giving it some good reviews.

    Maybe Japan is more open to these kinds of games? Who knows.

  7. Paid reviews.


    Honestly, who the hell enjoys Xover?! In terms of, well, everything, the game stinks!

    All I'm hoping for is that Capcom doesn't see this as a sign that iOS games are the future. Screw 'em all if they do think that!

  8. Pffft. Something tells me that if this piece of crap wasn't free, then it wouldn't have had the slightest chance of even making at number four.

  9. The problem is that Xover type games are very popular on the iPhone and Android type markers. Put a repetitive level with a slightly different goal each time. Proof of games like Jetpack Joyride support this observation.

    Also, am I the only one confused on the boss selection for World 4? It's the BN navis Woodman, Sharkman, Heatman, and Thunderman. Out of the 4, only Heatman could be hostile, and in both game him and Match were friendly. Why didn't Capcom fill it out with the other 4 Classic1 bosses(Oil, Guts, Time, Bomb), or do actually evil navis? Because I cant think of any reason for them to fight Over-1.

  10. @RADIX

    Oh I dunno... Maybe the players who liked Xover have better taste in gaming and liked Xover, despite it may be a bad game or good one.

    And no, don't give me that paid reviews bullcrap, some players liked Xover (Namely the 90 something players) and maybe that's why Xover got in the 4th spot in the iTunes' Japanese chart.

    So be thankful that a MegaMan game for the IOS came out. Zerker was right, you guys are ungrateful. Inb4Imatrollandlikedcrappygamesmadebycapcom.

  11. The game is very entertainment, don't believe Heatman opinion till you try it.

  12. I suppose it depends on what you expect coming into a game like this. If you're a casual mobile gamer who doesn't have a lot of expectations and plays in short bursts, you might think it was OK.

  13. What the... Xover in #4 in a list that isn't negative!?



    Well, Xover isn't THAT bad, but certainly isn't good enough to rank high in a top 50 list. How the heck did it got there?

    It must be a conspiracy from Capcom to give them a reason to launch lazy games, saying that's what the majority wants! :P

  14. Well, there are two different scenarios/scenarii that can happen, as a result of this:

    1.) This game shows Capcom that there is enough interest for an actual console Mega Man game, after all.


    2.) This game shows Capcom that a game with little-to-no effort involved in its creation actually sells, and they create more like this.

    I REALLY hope the end result is the former scenario...

  15. The reviewers must have very low standards... I wonder which one is more repetitive, xover (due to laziness) or an Atari game (due to limitations of the time).

    Say, how much memory xover takes from the phone compared with other games like the iOS MMX and Ghost Trick?

  16. I don't think this has to do with paid reviews.

    I think the more likely cause of the reviews is the audience of the game.

    Here's my theory:

    It's a free social ios game, there are a number of people who play these games and slap a five star rating on it without much thought.

    People who dislike the game will likely just stop playing and not bother wasting more of their time giving it a bad review.

    Of course there are some exceptions to this but my biggest point is apathy. I don't think reviews of this nature should be taken too seriously myself, but then I may be way off point.

    It's just a theory after all.

  17. Would you really expect any different? There are a bunch of people who would probably give any game 5-star, no matter how lame it is. To them, as long as it doesn't eat your babies, it's a 5-star game. I'm sure a good chunk of those people think that's what Mega Man has always looked like since '87. Doesn't change the fact that the game suuuuuuucks.

  18. Just read MMNetwork's take. Apparently, most of the 5-star reviews are referral codes. So it's basically just "advertising" its way to the top. Nothing to see here, folks.

  19. @Musashi: Oh yeah, we're so ungrateful for wanting good games made with effort instead of a piece of crap for the celebration of a gaming icon's 25th annibersary. That's some fine logic there.

  20. It's called "the only game in town." That's why it's getting good marks.

  21. It's as TAG says.

    According to the Mega Man Network's article in regards to the five star reviews:

    "Most of them are referral codes."

    I think this article should include that if it's true because that's significant in my mind.

    It's kind of funny actually, how this article mentions "bought" reviews.

    People who give the game five stars through those referral codes are looking to gain something by doing so.

    So while "bought reviews" may not be the right term for it and may be a bit too extreme, it sounds like a significant number of reviews are getting higher scores because reviewers are hoping to get something for those reviews, not just reviewing the game by its own merit.

  22. @Zerker

    True dat, Zerker. I totally agree with you on the whiners bitching about Xover being a terrible game, I mean it may not be the best, but it did got into number 4 of the chart.

  23. @Musashi and Zerker: Just because it has a high rank, it doesn't change the fact that it's a crappy, boring, tedious game. But hey, you two can go ahead and bend over for Capcom and accept any crap they throw out there for you, no matter how terrible the game is. People like you two are the reason the gaming industry is so shallow and uninspired.

  24. @Zerker: Sales (or DLs, in this case) do not automatically equal quality; there have been plenty of great games/movies/books/what have you that unfortunately didn't sell well.

    @Musashi: I don't want to assume that the reviews were paid off. Hence why I tried to imply that it might not be the case.

    And of all the comments before yours that questioned how Xover could make it so far up the chart, why did you single out mine? With some of your previous comments in mind, do you have a grudge against me for calling you out on your bullshit?

    What are you, twelve?

  25. A free app being top download? Where's the shocker? ALL novelties on the store get that ranking when they're released. Give me a damn break, if XOver keeps being top 10 a month after its release, then we can assume something. Until then we're just fooling ourselves.

  26. @ 12:56PM Anon - Have you even played Xover?
    I doubt you have.

    @ RADIX - I know that because there are a few series in the Mega Man franchise which were good but didn't sell well (SF is a good example).

  27. @RADIX:

    "Sales (or DLs, in this case) do not automatically equal quality; there have been plenty of great games/movies/books/what have you that unfortunately didn't sell well."

    Exactly. Mega Man: Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X are prime examples. Both of those were brilliant games with a lot of effort put into them. So much effort, that they ended up being better than the originals in almost every way, and yet they unfortunately did not sell very well in the end.

    Also, at this point, between Zerker and Musashi, I honestly can't tell which of them is the bigger idiot.

  28. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    Any planet where a repetitive, horrible looking, and just plain offensive game like Xover is considered high-quality iOS gaming, up there with Angry Birds and Bad Piggies, is a planet I reject.
    20th aniversery.

    Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if most of those 5 stars are just from the game having Megaman in it. Name Branding does wonderful things for sheep who'll +5 anything.

  29. Considering that most of the reviews are likely coming from the casual players who do not have a true shred of care for the franchise or realize how bad Xover is... well, it's not surprising that *they* would rank Xover so high. It also goes to show how much larger the casual market is, which of course Capcom are going to cash in on. And they don't have to put in a lot of effort then, because the casual market simply doesn't care enough as we, the true fans, do. And let's face it, casual market equals money.

    That said, I still dislike Xover regardless of how high it ranks or not.

  30. @RADIX

    I could say the same about you since you acted like a immature brat. All I hear from you is complain about your precious Legends 3 being canned and Capcom is crap and stuff, seriously, there's a thing called getting over it! But knowing you and almost the entire fanbase in this blog, I doubt you would listen anyway.

  31. @Zerker and @Musashi

    It's a crap game. Plain and simple. And most Mega Man fans aren't going to take it. It's bad enough that they did a bad port of X1 with stiff sprites, and frame by frame panels for the levels. They could of easily ported over the SNES version better yet they could of done the same with the Hunter X PSP. But no they were too lazy. X Over is really a app not even a game. All you do is jump and fire for the controls. It's insane! Just makes things worse since the past year and a half Capcom didn't put Mega Man as a playable character for Marvel vs Capcom, cancelled 3 Mega Man games, Universe, Online, and Legends 3. Even worse? No gift set for the Anniversary like they did with Street Fighter. And all we get is this stupid App? You guys don't see anything wrong with this? Come on...

  32. @Zerker:

    "Have you played the game? I doubt you have."

    There are some instances where playing a game in order to judge it isn't even necessary. You can easily tell whether or not a game is worth playing by simply watching the game in action, through all the video footage. In every Xover game so far, you've done next to nothing but defend this garbage, but you have yet to actually come up with a solid argument as to what's so great about it.


    No, wait... Apparently, according to your logic, Xover is automatically excused of its flawed gameplay and rehashed content because of Over-1 and his oh-so-"adorable" design.

  33. ...Whoops, I meant "in every Xover article", not "game". My mistake.

  34. @ MagicalWingLT - Ironically, MOST of the fandom disliked Universe before it was cancelled. It's only because 'boohoo they cancelled three games and made an iOS app' that the fans started giving a fuck about Universe. Also Capcom does not need to shove Mega Man into every one of their goddamn products, which would explain why he isn't in Marvel vs Capcom.

    (on an unrelated to everything on this blog note: am I the only one who would really like to see MM11, ZX3 or SF4 next year?)

  35. I'm going to get tons of hate, but you guys can't make your final judgements just yet. Honestly, I thought the game sucks (and still do a bit), but there isn't enough out yet. Yes, there was Heatman's video, but that was all. Did you know there is more to the game? Maybe the first 15 minutes of the game are "bland," but further looking seems like there might be a possibility that this is decent. I full on agree that the graphics and lack of enemies sucks, but we have to wait until there is a better look at the game.

  36. @Zerker

    The fans started complaining when Capcom started putting out crap games for Mega Man, and then out of spite put the bad box art Mega Man in Street Fighter x Tekken. Don't you think that's more then odd? I do. I think it's disgusting. And Mega Man was in the first two Marvel vs Capcom games. Makes no sense that he isn't in the third one and yet two supporting characters are. Zero and Bon Ton. Seriously? Why her? That's just plain stupid. All of these events started right after Inafune left the company.. Now why did he leave? Because Capcom was treating him like shit, along with other developers too. And now that he's gone, Capcom doesn't want to bother with making any new Mega Man games. And this sorry excuse that they call a game X Over is sickening. Obviously you still like Capcom, good for you.. But for the most part many fans hate Capcom now.

  37. @Musashi: Funny, I could've sworn that my initial comment in this thread made no reference to MML3 whatsoever. And I'd also like to point out the irony of telling me to "get over it" when you seem to be singling me out over a difference in opinion (not to mention the personal insults you've been constantly slinging at me ever since then).

    Let me tell you something: IF Capcom can get its act together and start making up for this abysmal year-and-a-half, then I'll let up on the vitriol. I desperately want them to, because I used to respect them, and enjoyed their output both past and then-present. Do you have any idea how painful it is to see one of your favourite third-party developers suddenly (from your perspective, at least) pull a complete 180 and outright betray your trust?

    And by the way, I DID listen. That doesn't mean I'll agree with you.

    @Zerker: When Universe was cancelled, there was a possibility the earthquake factored into the decision, hence why (initially) people weren't as angry.

    After what happened to Yoshinori Ono, do you seriously think that the well-being of their employees is foremost on Capcom of Japan's mind?

    Maybe Capcom doesn't have to "shove" Megaman onto everything, but the reasons given for his exclusion from MvC3 were both contradictory and full of logic holes.

  38. @Musashi the Master (1st comment): I don't think you know what the phrase "having good tastes" mean.

    And no, I will not be thankful that a bad game came out for the iOS. A bad game is a bad game is a bad game. Stop being a fool. At least with Zerker, it's clear he's just trolling. You...I just feel sorry for.

    @Zerker (last comment): I don't know about other people, but I started giving a shit when I found out how friggin' lazy Operation Shooting Star was. I'd love MM11, I'd like ZX3, I'd pass on SF4 unless it became more than a stripped-down version of Battle Network gameplay-wise.

  39. @Zerker: Misread your comment. Thought you were referring to giving a crap about Mega Man's downhill slope. I was always interested in MM Universe. It just needed some polish and it could've been something great. >.>

  40. I honestly am more and more getting the idea that Xover was made by two different halves of a team.

    One half is trying to make a truly good game with good ideas, designs, music, and so on.

    The other half is going "Come now... they'll buy it anyways", and make something shitty.

    As someone who actually has been playing this game somewhat constantly since it's debut (I feel like a hungry man who was handed crackers and will still eat it anyways because food is food), and that's just how I feel.

    Despite it's overall less than stellar outcome, it has a lot of little tiny charms that make me still want to keep playing.
    Also, for those who believe it's all just X1 stuff reused, I have ran into Classic series stages as well as EXE (with music appropriate for those stages, the Classic 1 even having a sorta chiptune remix of Cut Man's theme).

    So far, the music I've encountered is:

    -Xover main theme
    -X1 Stage Select theme
    -X1 Highway stage
    -X1 normal Boss
    -X1 Get Weapon
    -Classic MM1 Stage select theme
    -Classic MM1 Cutman stage chiptune remix
    -Classic MM1 Boss theme
    -EXE1 Numberman/School computer stage
    -EXE1 normal Battle theme
    -EXE1 Boss battle theme

    And who knows, maybe when I level and power up enough to beat Sigma, Wily and whoever the EXE stages boss is, there might be Zero, ZX, Legends or SSR stages.

  41. Musashi, you really don't get why Legends 3 is such a big deal to several fans do you?
    Look, Legends 3 was one of Capcom's riskiest moves that resulted in a huge back-lash.

    Capcom opened their doors for a game that fans have been craving for nearly a decade. They allowed people to put their ideas and opinions in for the game. They fully completed the demo which, according to the scant reviews available, explicitly stated it was a solid and enjoyable game. Then at the last minute they canceled the game, despite having a complete demo ready for release. To top it off Capcom responded with perhaps the worst PR I have ever seen in the gaming industry.

    It's somewhat understandable that it would leave people with a grudge. Some grudges are just hard to get over. If someone had, in your opinion, commited a serious wrong to you would you just let it go? Perhaps, but not everyone can.

    Now do I think it is good to constantly complain about not getting Legends 3? No. But it shouldn't piss you, or anyone else, off quite this much. Ignore the posts.

    Also, before you try to point out the reversal 'well, they can just ignore me'. If you explicitly respond to someone then you should expect a response back. You are instigating the argument.

    To address other issues. There are valid complaints about this game, and this is not evidence that it is a good game. Much like how getting an A in a class doesn't guarantee that a student learned anything.

  42. @RADIX

    Cry me a river. Honestly, I find the heart to forgive Capcom and hope they make a new MegaMan game. MegaMan is not always my favorite third party franchise, there's Mario, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Tales series and more to love. How do you think these top selling franchises make more money than MegaMan, hmm?

    A lot, I mean a lot of frigging money. And no, I'm not using Wikipedia for that comment, I know those other franchises made by well known companies after than Capcom know how to make good games. Since Kenji Inafune left, Capcom's trying to please the fans, but they're getting there, I tell you what. So, back on topic with the other gaming mascots, they make more money than MegaMan and are well loved by fans around the world. And don't give me that 'No they don't, you're trolling, troll.' I know for a fact that it is true. I brought their games and loved them.


    I'm just stating my opinion and I had to agree with Zerker about Xover being a new MegaMan game and all the MegaMan fandumb throwing a bitchfit about it.

  43. @Hoth

    Maybe you're right about that. I personally forgave Capcom for everything they has done, but I dunno about the MegaMan fandumb...

  44. @ MagicalWingsLT

    You're making a lot of assumptions about circumstances and Capcom's motivations that are not backed up anything but speculation.

    As for Tron, did you ever play MvC2? Tron was in it. She probably got into MvC3 for that reason, and because they were working on Legends 3 at the time the game was in development.

  45. @ Zerker

    No, my friend, you are not alone. I crave for a SF4 like Tyrone Biggums does for crack.

    Yeah, weird comparison, but I'm in a Chappelle's show mood right now.

  46. @kobun37 It's been proven that Inafune left because of how Capcom was handling things, and mistreating him and others as well. Of course Capcom was pissed. And as for a general comment, where are those big plans for the 25 Aniversary that Capcom was talking about a while back? They stated that something huge was going to surprise us... Guess what? It's Decemeber now at the end of the year and no plans... A year and a half fokes and all we get is a app for the iOS...

  47. @Musashi: ...Empathy is not one of your strong points, is it? And to think you were accusing me of not listening to a word you said.

    Just leave me alone. Leave everyone alone until you've developed the capacity for rational discussion.

  48. @Musashi: Just because YOU can forgive Capcom, doesn't mean everyone else can, you know why? Because they have done nothing to redeem themselves. It's great that you can forgive them despite that, but not everyone is so generous.

  49. @Musashi:
    Okay. So, you regard the Megaman Fandom as being dumb. Why?

    I will admit that our fandom is far from perfect. The fandom complains about literally everything. But, what fandom doesn't? I know Sonic's does.
    Are these complaints completely invalid? If so, why?

    In your response to RADIX you said that Megaman is not always your favorite. So you're a more casual fan, as opposed to a hard-core fan? There's nothing wrong with that, most people are casual fans. The thing is that for the hard-core fans, the recent Megaman news has been mostly disappointing. There have been three game cancelations and one of which was HIGHLY anticipated (as I explained in my previous post).

    Now then, there's Xover. Good news, right? No. Now let me try and explain some of the reasons the hard-core fans are disappointed with Xover.

    The first reason is that it is a low budget game, or if it is not a low budget game it presents itself as one. My support for this statement is this:
    -the reuse of sprites from the Megaman X iOS game, to an extremely high degree. Now keep in mind, sprite reuse is okay. The problem is that Xover relied on it TOO much. It makes the game seem stale right out the door.
    -the extremely simple mechanics of the game. (Simple gameplay). Simple gameplay does not necessarily make a game bad. If that were true then Pac-Man, Tetris, and several other games would be labeled as failures. The problem is the timing and subject matter of Xover. When the fan-base is generally content something like this can typically slip by without much opposition. The problem is that the fan-base isn’t content (Again, three game cancelations). The fan-base expects more out of a Megaman game.

    -the glitchiness of the game. Games that are made on a low budget are prone to not doing as much debugging and beta-testing as a higher budget game. Less money means less resources, including beta-testers and programmers. This causes more glitches.

    -The time it took for the game to come out. A higher budget game will typically take close to a year to be released.

    Am I saying a low budget game is inherently bad? No. Nothing could be further from the truth. But Capcom is not some Indie company that has no choice but to spread its money thin. There is a distinct lack of quality coming from a company that is capable of much more.

    My next reason is the poor advertising for this game. The advertisement for the game has shown us nothing (in-game) beyond the X world (which, again, reused nearly all its sprites). This makes it seem as though it is a crossover in name only.

  50. Now here comes the barrage of comments to let us haters know "It got good reviews so it's a good game! You loathesome ingrates!"

    I don't care about reviews. For all I know, they could be payed reviews! I am not going to say it is 100% certain. I had a feeling this game would do decently on the Japanese charts, only because they seem to have a greater appreciation for cellphone games. How in God's name this game could have done well even with Japanese cellphone players is beyond me, but I am too tired to make sense of it. The charts says it all.

    Regardless, in my eyes (I am not speaking for anybody but myself), this repulsive trash still looks awful! I hate how these reviews may boost the corporate asses and "creative" team of Capcom's ego to create more slop like this. That is what it is to me: pure slop!

    To those who say we are ungrateful. No, we are not. What we are is pissed off. Pissed how Capcom has the nerve to cancel some promising games only to give us this tripe and expect us to be happy. They seem to go all out with their other titles, but with MM they seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel! And that sucks for us fans who still appreciate the blue bomber!

  51. @TAG

    Are you playing Xover? I have someone named TAG who's Level 20 on my friend list. My username is "Fackface."

  52. @Hoth

    I know that. I just don't know what came over me. Just seeing the MegaMan fanbase like this really pisses me off.

  53. @Musashi: I don't get your logic at all. We're supposed to be grateful for a bad game because it of a series we haven't had a game for in a while? I don't recall people making the same argument for Duke Nukem Forever or any of the bad Duke Nukem platformers that came out around then. There's no reason we should support a bad game, especially one that clearly shows it. I can understand what you mean about the Mega Man fanbase, but we have had some of the biggest reason to complain about it. Cancellation of a game that was garnering quite some hype (especially among the fanbase) while something that's clearly lazy and rushed and something that people have been vocal about with their dislike gets a free pass? And you're saying that we're supposed to TAKE it and be THANKFUL for it? I know it's your opinion, but that mindset can only go so far (read: not very) before you start to lose credibility.

    @Anon #12: Nope. Must be someone else using the same name.

  54. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  55. @ Castillero - Geez, could you just SHUT UP about 'boohoo Xover is garbage' for once? ohmyfuckinggoddd-- You're worse than me.

  56. @ Anonymous
    December 3, 2012 11:15 AM

    Stop egging Musashi on. He seems to have calmed down, so back off. Causing trouble won't do anyone any good.

  57. @Zerker:

    Really? There have been tons of others (which are mostly the same people, no less) who've complained about this game on every article, and you single that one person out? Really?

  58. @Spyman:

    Conversation from your forum link:

    "By the way... Isn't it a bit boring? You just run forward and shoot. I know you get upgrades and other stuff, but the gameplay seems to be..."


    "Well... were original Mega Man games a bit different than this?"


    Just, wow, dude. Such an idiot trying to talk about something he doesn't understand like if he's going to have an award for that. Excuse me but people like this are what holds me for calling these "first impressions" in that forum a reliable source.

  59. So... This is basically the biggest proof to date that there's a stark difference between what the East and West players want, it seems.

    KINDA can't blame Capcom too much for not wanting to take too many risks with the games, if Xover is actually a success in Japan, even though it'll most likely be a flop here in the West. Seems the market for MM games is waaaaaay different today than what it once was. Looks like they'll have to figure out some kind of middle ground, something safe that'll sell lots...

    Something like... Megaman 11, now on iOS / Android / Vita / 3DS / PSN / XBLA and everything else that can run it, just like Sega did with Sonic 4 and Sonic CD's amazing remake port. That's the true way to quick profit, Capcom.

  60. Conspiracy? Nah, Capcom is too lazy for that. Or is it...?

    For those talking about quality vs. sales, Okami is a good example. A Capcom game that was considered one of the best of 2006, but had poor sales:

    And xover is free. Reminds me of the saying "Beggars can't be choosers"...

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