Sunday, December 2, 2012

Track List for “We are ROCK-MEN! 2″ Revealed

Famitsu has some good fodder for the Rockman music lovers today. All 16 tracks for “We are ROCK-MEN! 2″ have been revealed. Yeah, the the usual suspects like "Flutter vs. Gesellschaft" are present and accounted for... but there's some suprises, too. Hit the jump and check it out!

No samples yet, but we'll keep an eye on E-Capcom. In the meantime, here's your tracks:

01. METAMORPHOSE (Original)
02. THEME OF ROCKMAN Xover (Rockman Xover)
03. NAPALMMAN STAGE (Rockman 5)
04. SKULLMAN STAGE (Rockman 4)
05. Dr. WILY STAGE 2 (Rockman 3)
07. DOPPLER STAGE 1 (Rockman X3)
08. X vs ZERO (Rockman X5)
09. Dr. WILY STAGE 1 -OMEGAMAN MIX- (Rockman 2)
10. SNAKEMAN STAGE (Rockman 3)
12. SKY WAVE (Shooting Star Rockman 2)
14. TIME AGAIN feat. DIMENSION (Original)
15. TIME AGAIN ROCK ver. (Original)

I, for one, am excited to hear that Xover arrangement. It's a good theme, regardless of the game's quality! And speaking of Xover, Famitsu also confirmed the album will come with an exclusive battle memory card-- classic Rockman! It looks like this:

Scan the card's QR code with your phone and it's yours.

Source: Famitsu


  1. I'm confused... Flutter vs. Gesselschaft again?

  2. "07. DOPPLER STAGE 1 (Rockman X4"

    Wrong game there, bud. I know that was most likely a typo, but still. Or was it actually listed that way in the album?

  3. Makes me wonder if the Rock-Men are responsible for the Xover track and this is the same one as from the game...

    A little bit of obvious and overdone, a little bit of remixed enough but I'll take another, and a little bit of uniqueness. Definitely interested in their take on Wily Stage 2 (RM3), Doppler 1 (X3) and Sky Wave (RnR2). Wish the original stuff wouldn't take up 4 spots, though. :/

    Gonna guess 10-13 will be the more electronic-heavy stuff by Kitagawa. Color me surprised if they aren't.

  4. Xover's theme? Already?

    And Sky wave from Star Force 2? No that song is garbage! Why not the main theme of the title screens like they are doing for EXE! Why, out of all the Starforce games, they picked from the worst entry!

  5. Pitch: Ya, getting Flutter vs. Gesellschaft again is a little disappointing. I mean, it's a good song, but pretty much all the other songs from Legends seem to get neglected.

    Rock Miyabi: Ya, the original stuff didn't need four spots, but oh well. I'm still looking forward to this album.

    Anon1: Garbage my foot. I like that song! Granted, there's other songs from Star Force that I might have picked over that one, but really? Garbage? No, far from it.

  6. @Clown Prince of Crime: The theme should have gotten priority treatment, not an overworld theme in the worst entry of the SF series. Battle Network's theme is the first one for that series in the We are ROCK-MEN! series, so why isn't Starforce's?

  7. Fantasy Empress RolinaDecember 3, 2012 at 11:36 AM

    Awww, no battle themes for the network timeline? The songs they chose don't really get me too excited, either...

  8. Wow, Sky Wave from Star Force 2. By far the best track in Starforce. Awesome choice, can't wait to hear it.

    And most people agree the Xover theme is pretty good, so it's cool that it'll get a great remix right away.

  9. For one of the albums that represents the 25th Anniversary, I feel the song list is weak. I would have rather seen a CHIP TUNED ROCKMAN 2. It's one of my favorite Rockman albums Capcom has produced and it had a huge variety across the "classic" series.

  10. Flutter VS Gessellschaft...I can tell everybody's disappointed of this music. But may be it can't be helped? Probably there's not much good songs from DASH/LEGEND series, since maybe this was the only favorite among the creators.

  11. Flutter vs. Gesellschaft is good, but not the only good music.

    Glyde's theme from MoTB and MML2 is one of my favorites:

  12. Anonymous 3:22 I am dissapoint |:[ There are many good songs in the legends series: Marlwolf, Fighting the Balcon Gerald, Hanmuru Doll, The Gesellshaft, City Hall, Lake Jyun Water Battle. And I've only mentioned the ones from legends 1, so theres many more. We're just tired of having the same song remixed over and over again, that doesn't necesarily mean the song is bad!


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