Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ruby-Spears Mega Man Goes 8-bit

In homage to the glorious opening sequence of Ruby Spears' Mega Man cartoon, took it upon themselves to recreate the opening entirely in 8-bit, pixel by pixel. It's pretty rad, to say the least:

For an enhanced viewing experience, you should play the above and the original opening simultaneously. You get to compare it frame by frame and listen to that terribly catchy song all at the same time! Super fighting robot... MEGA MAN!

Source: (thanks, Marco!)


  1. Now that's awesome. Far better than I expected.

  2. Surprised this hasn't happened before now.

    My boss and I sing this at work all the time.

  3. That was freaking AWESOME!!!

  4. Well now, my day has been made! That was VERY Awesome!

  5. There's actually, supposedly a better version. It's unfortunate that the user lost all of his work, and can not finish it.
    Anyway, this is the one I'm referring to.

    For the record, I really don't like the way they added the TV border on the one shown here. It cuts the quality of the animation.

  6. Insta-faved. I love recreations like this. Much like the Rockman 8 intro.

  7. Thanks Guys.
    N-Mario, the TV border its use to minimize the size of the sprites...and it's better to animated then.

    BUUUUUT, this don'd compromise all the animation...

    Sorry my poor english...i'm Brazilian

  8. And YES...i knew of that other animation...buts saddly the guy lost all his work :(


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