Friday, May 11, 2012

Rockman at Capcom's Odaiba Retail Store

Can't make the trip to Capcom's official retail store in Odaiba? Well, N2.EXE of Rockman blog Rock-Mega-Man went for you and snapped a few pictures of the store's Rockman offerings.

Is it everything you imagined and more? Find out after the jump!

Oh, hello. What's this?

No more than a few feet away from the entrance, you're greeted by this colorful display. Here, you'll find an assortment of Capcom books. Shooting Star Rockman: Official Complete Works is on sale!

Ah, and then there's this. Rockman specific goods occupy their own little corner.

Granted, it's not a particularly large selection, but it's the quality of the stuff that counts. We got some D-Arts figures, model kits, mugs and puzzles courtesy of Kotobukiya. The bottom shelf is devoted to little trinkets like the Dot Strap collection and MegaHouse's obnoxiously adorable mini-figures. Believe it or not, I *still* don't own one of those.

A display window showcases some of the more popular items on sale. Kotobukiya's Rockman model is proudly displayed. Looks like a Great Sword-touting Felyne is about to get the jump on our blue boy.

Rockman Badges, postcards and some delightful decorative chocolates were among the many limited edition items offered on April 30. You won't be finding these online anytime soon.

Annnnnd that's pretty much all the Rockman stuff. Meanwhile, the rest of the store looks like this.

I wouldn't take that as some sort of call for alarm, but it's definitely a sign of the times. I mean let's face it: the Rockman brand just isn't as huge a powerhouse as it was some years ago. Monster Hunter is the new money machine. That Felyne image up there is looking pretty ironic now, isn't it?

Rockman merchandise (in Japan, at least) is at its strongest when it's promoted alongside software. Once we get the ball rolling on the software front, the merchandise will follow..


Well, I do hope you enjoyed this little tour! If you happen to be in Japan, drop on by. The store is located on the third floor of the Mediage Entertainment Complex, which located at Odaiba in Tokyo. Bring money.


  1. In before complaints.

    I still think the store is nice, either way.

  2. Well that stinks.

  3. That just sucks. I figured theyed have some or if all the old BANDAI model kits, like for display. And comic and metallic d-arts X, or displaying the new d-arts Zero ver.2 and Vile as promotion to their release. But they have very little, but its just sad...

  4. Well that's nice, they at least remember Rockman when it comes to merchandising.

  5. I don't care about that. Bring new Rockman games or Rockman Dash 3, period!

  6. Last anon:

    Is that all you say? I swear you say this on so many posts. quiet.

  7. @ Last anon:
    How do you keep track of which anon is which? :)

  8. #Anonymous 4,

    You don't need to say it. It is up to Rockmancorner, not you. By the way, freedom speech movement. Quiet.

  9. @undamned,

    Does that matter ?? :)

  10. I'll really start to worry when the entire Rockman section is relegated to the bargain bin equivalent, or gone entirely.

  11. Talking about Rockman goods, there is one of the rare Kobun figures for sale:

  12. My only real complaint... is that we don't have such stores here in the US. Stupid japan-only awesome...


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