Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Familiar Mega Man X Enemies Return in Project X Zone

The latest batch of Project X Zone screens from the game's official site brings a few new Mega Man X-related items of interest to the table. From the looks of it, our fighters will face off against a pair of popular enemies from the series: an army of Metall D2's and an Armor Soldier. Check it out:

The Armor Soldier (right) is straight out of X1, piloting its trademark Ride Armor. The Metall D2's (left) made their debut in X4, populating most if not all of the game's stages at one point or another. Interestingly, their inclusion in PXZ marks another throwback to Mega Man X4.

And speaking of X4, Namco Bandai has all but confirmed the presence of fan favorite stage....

It's Cyberspace.

We saw a couple screens depicting X and Zero duking it out there (using some of their attacks from X4, no less) a little while ago, but it's nice to have official confirmation. Makes me wonder if Cyber Peacock himself will make an appearance.

Oh, and we have this too. For those interested, here's X's overworld sprite:

And that's all from PXZ for now. Still no news on localization, so keep those fingers crossed!

Source: PXZ Channel (System 03, System 04)


  1. Seeing the Ride Armor is pah-retty cool! Cyber Peacock's stage too, although NOW I hope they include its music too *always greedy for more*

  2. To be honest, my favorite stage in X4 was Magma Dragoon's stage.

    The enemies making a return is pretty nice though.

  3. I really don't like the overworld sprites, they look so boring just standing straight there.

    At least in Namco X Capcom they had a more interesting fixed pose

  4. Aw please don't go on a X4 love fest >_> I kinda want Vile to appear with Sigma.

  5. I look forward to how ridiculous it's going to be watching not just X and Zero, but their newfound allies gang up on one met.

  6. I'm resolved to remain as indiferent as possible about this game, until it's officially announced that it'll come to the US. Seeing news about it makes this difficult...

  7. I say release this for the US and port Namco X Capcom to the Vita after seeing how it does. They look like pretty cool games to me. Games that I think could do well. People love their crossovers after all.

  8. What is that in the top of the screen with X's overworld sprite? Yo! Noid?


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