Monday, May 14, 2012

Mega Man Marathon Kicks Off

Watching someone else play Mega Man games may not exactly be as fun as playing them yourself, but the experience can be just as if not more rewarding when it's for a good cause.

Starting this Thursday, the Triple Speed Runners, Bonus Stage Marathons, the Ocean City Trinity AND Team Brocket are holding a 72-hour Mega Man marathon for Child's Play charity. Dubbed "Mega Man Versus" The marathon will cover 24 games from the series. What's more, the group will be competeing with each other to see who can complete a game first.

The fun begins May 17th at 6pm EST. For more information on how to donate, visit the marathon's official site here.

Thanks for the heads up, Ocean City Trinity!


  1. Best part is at 1:44. Hopefully nobody beat me to it yet...

  2. Playing all 24 games in a row sounds like quite a doozie. Sounds really interesting: I'm particularly curious to see how they'll fare on the Zero series.

  3. Lol the group with the chick commenting has twice as many views as the others.

  4. can someone tell me why for three days i've seen nothing but black screens? did they move to another site?


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