Monday, May 7, 2012

Let Mega Man and Proto Man Protect Your Zenny

Another month is upon us and that can only mean one thing: new Mega Man product listings from GE Animation! Sadly, this month's lot isn't all that spectacular. Nor is it much of a lot. Still, this may be of some interest to a few of you.

According to the latest listing at AAA Distribution, GE Animation are rolling out two Mega Man-themed wallets featuring Mega Man and Proto Man, respectively. The Mega Man wallet's a bit plain, but 'ol Proto is looking very sharp with that sprite backdrop. I don't know about you, but the choice here seems pretty easy.

Each wallet is expected to arrive in stores on July 30th. Refer to AAA's guidelines on how to go about getting your retailer to stock up on these and other Mega Man products.


  1. Sweeeet. If I didn't already have Protoman on my keychain in that exact pose, I'd so buy that wallet. ... Or maybe I should get it to match? Hmm..

  2. Ffff- Stop exploiting my weakness for Protoman, GE!

  3. GE Animation is the shit. They really know how to Merchandise!

  4. Am I the only one who's getting sick of seeing 8-bit Mega Man sprites on everything from posters to panties? Yes? No?

  5. @Joseph Collins: Not at all. (Though I kinda like the Protoman one, to be honest :P)

  6. Buy it, Protodude. You know which one. I cannot imagine your money tucked away inside anything else.

  7. @Joseph
    Depends on who's wearing them.

    Coincidentally, you just reminded me of the Megaman sprite head censor. Thanks.

  8. This is nice, But I still prefer my MegaMan X6 wallet they had come out a while back. X series = <3 ^_^

  9. No one else is gonna say it?

    Okay, then I will.

    "Great, now I can literally give Mega Man all of my money!"

  10. lol at the comments of Cleveland Rock and turianx9

    Fans: Capcom, take our money!
    Cap.: Ok, give us money and we give ya this wallet.
    Fans: Uh... thanks? But now that we gave all of our money, what we are going to do with a wallet?
    Cap.: Sorry but we can't reveal it. It's top secret info bro!


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