Friday, May 25, 2012

Your Baby Has Been Megafied

One very creative Etsy user wants to bestow babies everywhere the power to fight for everlasting peace. Behold, the custom-knit baby Mega Man suit:

"This listing is for a custom knit baby Mega Man suit. It includes a knit helmet, arm bands, long booties, and a diaper cover/soaker," writes knitter Amy O. "I can make this in virtually any color combination you would like."

The suit will run you $83 US on Etsy, available in sizes for kiddos up to 12 months old. The whole package is knit to order, so wait times will vary from person to person.

As video game themed baby wear goes, this is pretty darn cute. And hey, who doesn't want their own little Blue Bomber crawling around saving the day? If you're a Mega Man fan with an infant or toddler of your own, you're pretty much entitled to get this!

Source: Knitwitknits


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