Saturday, May 26, 2012

Check Out D-Arts Zero Type 2 in Action

Bandai's Zero Type 2 D-Arts figure is now available in Japan, and those who picked it up earlier today are already starting to show off their posing prowess. The denizens of 2ch whipped up some pretty cool scenes of Zero in action, which are totally worth seeing. Not only do they demonstrate its great poseability, they make interesting use of the figure’s accessories, as well as other figures.

More pics after the break!


  1. Sweet! Thanks for posting the assortment of cool poses! Sorry to those who already bought it, but looking @ the photo w/ old and new side-by-side, the new one looks so much cooler. Can't wait to get him!

  2. They're missing some poses...

  3. Oh. Yes.

    The hair can flip upside down.

    Now I totally cannot wait to make my diorama. I need to get to work with those polymer clays.

  4. How did they get a green sword?

  5. "How did they get a green sword?"

  6. @Anon
    It's entirely possible they either painted it or photoshopped it.

  7. i spot a Signalman Ranger Key. :p

    but seriously, man those are awesome pics. thanks.

  8. speaking of zero... X2 is coming to the wii VC this thursday! (in europe)


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