Friday, May 4, 2012

100,000 Strong Milestone Has No Bearing on Legends 3 Revival, Says Capcom

There was some Mega Man Legends 3 chatter on this week's Capcom Unity podcast. Unfortunately, it's not exactly sort of talk we were hoping for.

About halfway through the show (50:47), Greg, Seth and Brett publicly acknowledged 100,000 Strong For Mega Man Legends 3's recent milestone. In short, the staff offered high praise to the group's efforts; it's ability to converge and unite under a single cause. Unfortunately, the surpassing of 100,000 fans has no bearing on the game's revival. It's not going to be able to reverse the situation.. for now, at least.

Capcom then went on to reiterate their commitment to get the franchise back on track. According to Brett, those talks actually began no less than a couple weeks after he joined the company, shortly after Legends 3 was cancelled.

The rest of the discussion is more or less focused on much of the same stuff we've heard previously: things don't happen instantaneously, the company's aware of the passion of the fans, etc. And really, that's pretty much all there is too it. Actually, it was reassuring to hear we aren't the only ones on the edge. Capcom US staff is just eager to see what's next for the Blue Bomber as we are.

So stay tuned, my friends. We just gotta keep sticking this one out.

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  1. Why am I not surprised -_____-

  2. Come on guys, did you really think they were gonna go "Oh, you finally reached 100K? Well then CONGRATULATIONS, MEGAMAN LEGENDS 3 RECONFIRMED, BIIITCHEEEES!"

    That's moronic. An acknowledgement and congratulation is really all that should have ever been expected.

  3. Without sarcasm, this really isn't a surprise, the 1000 strong thing was NEVER a garantee.

    But yeah, the same old ''we still care guys, srsly'' speech is really annoying when it's obvious they don't

  4. @anon3: Because it's not surprising, perhaps.

  5. Wow. Im not surprised either. Its like telling North Korea to adopt Democracy

  6. This is about as predictable as a landslide.

  7. To get the series back on track and all that is way easier than they're making it. I don't believe it takes this long to do anything or think of anything different and all. I don't believe it for a second. Give any good company a month at best and that's enough time to lay the basic idea and direction to get started. All I know is that they BETTER have something in the works THIS YEAR for the 25th. There is really no excuse at all they can use and that we haven't already heard.

    Ridiculous. Period. Just...shameful really.

  8. I said it before. At minimum 500k is needed to even have the slightest chance of getting it released. If Darkstalkers isn't allowed without that number, Megaman won't be.

    In addition, I don't believe Capcom will release Prototype unless they are certain it will guarantee almost the same numbers as the actual game sales.

  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, after lots of careful consideration and realizing the vast numbers of people who would buy Mega Man Legends 3, we are happy to announce... SF vs. DLC!

  10. @MegaMac: Did you not remember what Keiji said? Megaman has NO budget right now.

    Do you really think the Megaman franchise has the resources to make a brand spanking new game, has to spend time making new enemy concepts and designs, requires new voice acting, sound effects, music and everything else from scratch? If you do you're a fool.

    Until another game like BN comes along and rakes in over a million sales I doubt they'll have the budget to actually make this game.

  11. That's like saying a Kirby game doesnt have a budget.
    It's a staple franchise, They already have a good portion of the game completed, and really all Capcom needs to do is say "Hey, look, We're just going to give you the money you need to finish up this game, since it's one of our prized series."

    Hell, Nintendo did that with Kid Icarus! Not too many people even knew of the game before Brawl, and even then sales didnt really get boosted in the least. And this was a game that they werent sure about, either!

    But, I wasnt expecting them to pick it up right after they heard about 100k strong. In fact, I was expecting this, and the fact that all we get is the same bullshit is kinda sickening.

    I'm still holding out hope though.

  12. Maybe, not making a Legends game is part of their efforts to get the series back on track. There were only two games, they didn't sell well, and they are completely unlike the rest of the games. The closest we got since 2 was Tronne Bonne, Megaman X 7, and those phone games. Tronne Bonne may have been on par with 1 or 2, but X7 wasn't the most favoured release. I would rather we push for an X prequel or a game that details the Elf Wars, instead of trying to force them to make a game only 100,000 people want.

    PS: If Capcom made a Battle Of 1999 game, I would be happy too.

  13. You know people,

    It's not Capcom of AMERICA, that being the keyword, that can make the game come back. The decision ultimately rests on the hands of Capcom of JAPAN. Capcom of America cannot bring it back themselves. Honestly, I get more annoyed at the needless bad rep that CoA gets than anything.

  14. Capcom's not gonna do anything for Legends 3, no matter how many supporters we gonna gather. They're into Street Fighters than Mega Man. We'll just have to wait until some company buys the blue bomber as we say goodbye and diehard to Capcom.

  15. What does Capcom want from us? Blood? Money? Seriously, they should just tell us what the requirement would be to get Legends 3 back into development. As large as our fanbase is, it would be done.

  16. I wish Capcom Japan would at least say SOMETHING on behalf of this petition. Like "Oh this is great but the reason we're heistant to revive Legends 3 is..." They just keep feeding us the same "hush now, we still care about MegaMan, but won't really give you a solid answer as to why we cancelled this project" I feel like there's still a lot we don't know that pertains to their original decision. And no, I'm not surprised this would happen either.

  17. i'm starting to believe nothing the fans do has any bearing on Legends 3's revival.

  18. "won't really give you a solid answer as to why we cancelled this project"

    I'm not supposed to tell you guys this, but consider this an inside scoop.

    100,000 people is not a lot. It wouldn't pay for the production costs. That "Mysterious" reason it was cancelled? Money.

  19. Are some of you really surprised Capcom would see this and go "Bravo. Futile, but bravo."? I'm mean, I'm happy as any casual fan of the series that the 100,000 Strong movement met and surpassed its goal of 100,000 unique supporters, but really... It's like online petitions: They almost never work.

  20. Honestly, not surprised, because it wasn't likely to change anyway.

    Now, on what Dr. Jerk said... he/she is right, Capcom of America not only has nothing to do with the decisions, but is actually to some extent just as much in the dark as we are. It's really kind of pitiful how bad the communication is between the home office in Japan and the branches in other countries... but I suppose it's not as bad as other companies (like Sega).

    Pretty much all Capcom of America can do is send the messages to Capcom of Japan and hope they don't ignore it. Otherwise, they're just a localization house. (And they can't really speak against the word of CoJ, because they'll be listening closely when that happens, just like any other business.)

    However, "Getting the series back on track" is pretty much the line Capcom of Japan is saying as well, so all they're doing is echoing them. What that truly entails, I don't know, but as "true fans", I think most of us thought the series was just fine as it was, possibly oblivious to the fact that it was not appealing to anyone outside the same people that were buying each entry anyway. Capcom wants Mega Man to be more mainstream. I only hope that if they do something to make him more "mainstream", they don't alienate the longtime fans. Unfortunately seeing how they seem to think this works, we'll get a hideous reboot starring Mega Man's son that was never mentioned before fighting a horde of zombie robots, with downloadable costumes that cost $4.99 each. ... or we'll actually get something good. We'll see.

  21. i'm starting to believe nothing the fans do has any bearing on Legends 3's revival.

    I'd say the behaviour of certain segments of the fandom may very well have bearing, and it is not a positive one.

  22. *sigh* Well, at least they acknowledged it...

    When is Capcom of Japan gonna speak up?

  23. Professor MegamanMay 5, 2012 at 8:46 AM

    Yeah, like 100K whining gaijin fan boys was going to get these guys off their lazy, arrogant, zenophobic butts.

  24. The only thing subduing the rage boiling in me is the (likely) notion that CoA effectively amounts to middle men. I mean, Capcom of Japan calls the shots on what does and doesn't get released, right?

    Gentlemen, start your postcards:

    This just doesn't stop getting frustrating. We may be fans but even we aren't completely oblivious to a game that's going nowhere. Why do you think there's literally less than 90 people on the entire internet crying over MM Universe? But we had reason to believe that Legends 3 was different, that it could buck the trend of redundant mediocrity that the blue bomber was suffering in the last few years. Capcom, clearly lacking any confidence in the brand, even went so far as to establish a test/sampling/prologue/whatever the hell you want to call it, which would help them gauge interest and would reassure us that even if worst came to worst our efforts in the Devroom were not a complete waste of time. And just because they feel like being a dick, they decided to leave that prologue gathering digital dust on their hard drives.


  25. Capcom saying that the 100,000 strong milestone won't work?

    Here's a newsflash, everyone! The sky is blue, the grass is green, and the sun is yellow! Get the fuck over it.

  26. What?!?!?

    But... but...



    2012... the end of the world...

    we're gonna die because we can't play Megaman Legends 3.

    Unforgivable. Cowardice. uncompassionate. Shamed. Deceived. Betrayal. Sloth. Despicable. Untrustworthy. Lying. Careless.

    Capcom, you happy now? I know you're hiding to laugh like you made me look bad or fool. I thought you have a reasona to understand and accept what we support for you. But... you have betrayed us all. How could you? We wanted to revive Mega Man Legends 3, so all the legacy of Mega Man games can go on as long as they are true Mega Man fans! Now you've destroyed the legacy.

    Capcom, I am disappointed in you.

  27. Of all the people who have commented here...

    The only ones I respect are Takara_Kitsune and Hypershell, because unlike the rest of you lot who believe that Capcom of America can magically bring the game back when they cannot, those two are aware that only Capcom of Japan can make the shots.

    I am seriously flippen tired of having to constantly repeat this. So please people, SHUT THE **** UP ABOUT COA NOT DOING ANYTHING.

    Not like anyone will notice this anyway.

  28. Capcom states the obvious

    Film at eleven

  29. @Kips: Kirby sells over one million units a game though. All of his DS titles and the Wii ones have sold over one million, ignoring the fact that his older games, all on the VC, are also VERY replayable and most like also sold well there too. He even got the 3D classics treatment, something not even Metroid and Mario received! It EASILY can make a new game of very high quality on either of the Nintendo consoles. Also have you not read the interviews? Prototype is supposed to be a prologue and is not part of the actual game. NOTHING IS DONE ON THE ACTUAL GAME.

    Megaman DOES NOT have those kind of sales. No SF or ZX title reached near that, and we don't know exactly the kind of money the VC titles nor 9 and 10 pulled in.

    Kid Icarus was different. It hasn't been touched since the original Game Boy. However Nintendo played it smart by a) giving it to the guy responsible for Smash Bros, b) Having Pit and Palutena have their looks be that of Smash Bros, c) Saying Smash Bros isn't being done until this is done, meaning all eyes are on it, d)The 3DS is still growing and e) The empty time for games overall during which they released it. It was really only competing with Xenoblade!

    Kid Icarus =/= the scenario Megaman is in. Heck I can foresee Nintendo bringing back Kid Icarus now because Uprising is so different from its roots and because it's already selling well!

  30. "How could they do this?"
    "Don't they know why we did this"
    "Blah blah blah, crapcom blah blah blah!"

    Dood, what the hell were you expecting? This is one big "Ya don't say?" article to me. As I said at capcom unity, the amount of time it took to get to 65%, as well as the odd sudden surge in numbers in the last several weeks, leads this suspect to be subject to tampering. What do I mean?

    Simple. Take a head count. How many people are actually there, compared to the number you have? How many actual heads to match these voices? Do a bit of inspection to find your real number... then what do you do? You take it to capcom. Don't just make a facebook group and think it'll work - take all those minds together to a place like CU and start working on ideas for Legends 3 - show them that even though they tried to shut down the dev room, it's still alive, and stronger than ever.

    Words alone are meaningless. You need actions. The 100K thing? That never really had a chance in its original nature, but it can at least grow into something that DOES.

    For all of you who are whining and crying because Capcom didn't meet your demands, it's time to man up. Stop barking orders, and start making plans. Want them to pay attention? Get together with all the other people and start working on ideas - an unrelenting flow of ideas and plans for legends 3 should get their attention - after all, what company would say "No" to a free and willing work force?

  31. Get over it as a video game franchise Mega Man is dead it has been for years now, Mega Man 10 was in 2010. Two YEARS ago.

    It's just a corpse now propped up with merchandising to still seem relevant like the Archie comic and strewn around to still seem alive like the movie Weekend at Bernie's.

  32. @Anonymous that replied to me.

    Don't give me that. Anything Capcom wants to create can get a budget. If they decided to create some games or finish Legends 3, they would issue the money to do so. Plain and simple. How do you think MM9 or 10 got started? So it's not entirely about the money, it's more so about Capcom not caring enough to make a move and allow the franchise any.

    Also, to completely overthrow your input, Legends 3 had all that was necessary and counting. It had characters, enemy designs, music, voice acting, contributions from fans via the devroom, etc. It had a lot going for it. I had a playable Prototype version for christ sake...but it was cancelled for reasons unfathomable. With the right push, it CAN be reignited.

    Also, just some food for thought. There's stuff cooking in Japan. No one knows exactly what, but we all must be patient. Jake Hans of the International Strategies team informed me of this. He is not at liberty to share any information other than for everyone to just stay strong and optimistic. He's not even sure what it is. It could be something, it could be nothing, but it's something to chew on.

  33. @Role
    "Get together with all the other people and start working on ideas - an unrelenting flow of ideas and plans for legends 3 should get their attention - after all, what company would say "No" to a free and willing work force? "

    We had that in the DevRoom and they have been doing that in the NeoDevRoom and the 100,000 Strong movement tried to add numbers to that. They're already trying as hard as they can. The problem is that Capcom just doesn't care to put the financial backing into something that is only predicted to sell 100,000.

  34. Well. I'd definitely be lying if I were to say that I didn't see this coming. No one, at this point, can honestly say that they're shocked by this, can they? I knew all along that the "1,000,000 Strong" thing or whatever was nothing more than an exercise in futility.

    As I've said in the past, I'm no diehard Legends fanboy or anything, but whatever it is that they (supposedly) have planned for the series 25th anniversary... It may (or may not) be something good for all we know, but I highly doubt it'll be enough to make up for needlessly canceling Mega Man Legends 3 the way they did.

  35. Well as long as they don't try to turn MegaMan into a failed attempt at Call of Duty (RE Operation Raccoon City) then I will be okay. But sadly I can see them going the way of Bomberman Act Zero.

  36. @MegaMac
    MM9 was a sequel to the main series, which always sells well. And MM10 was easy to approve because MM9 proved it is viable. Don't compare the easy "risk" of releasing a new classic title to releasing a Legends title.

  37. I think Legends 3 needs a kickstarter.

  38. @Rockman

    I'll compare it because it's a game all the same. It's a Mega Man game all the same. In the realm of reality, there is little to no risk releasing Legends 3. So many people want it, so many people know about it. Hell, even the average gamer would buy it because A: Mega Man is recognizable and the game more than likely would look interesting to them and contain a sizable adventure which the 3DS needs more of and B: They'd buy it for that reason, something new a fun to play.

    Plus you have to also count in what the Prototype would also garner. They'd make their profit and then some. After all, the game was well along anyway, right? I can't fathom it being about money when I take a step back and see how much this game would make, lol. Who knows what Capcom is thinking...

    I dunno about everyone else, but if Kid Icarus can be revived and do well, so can Mega Man Legends. It's just as for MM9 and MM10...they need to put the "classic" card back in the friggin' deck. If I want classic, I'll go back and play the six, count 'em, six already made for the NES (excluding the Game Boy titles)

  39. @Rockman: Oh, sure, admit defeat like a worthless little worm. I'm sure that's totally gonna change the situation, what, sitting there and rotting like that.

    Or, you can do what I'm doing. I want to see this series exist beyond boring X and Zero. I'm freaking SICK of those two. IT'S TIME TO EVOLVE. And to do that, what do we have to do? Wrap up the freaking epilogue to their story, called "ZX". I'm MAKING ZX3, AND FINISHING IT WITH 4. In a way to pretty much move us past those two. What are you doing, other than sitting there, crying because mommy took away your toys?

    Oh, grow up. Blame Capcom because you don't have the courage or willpower to take it into your own hands. Why don't you try doing something positive with all that negative energy. You know... Like me.

    Sure, it may take a while... but while you lot cry because you lost the short game, I'm waging the long war.

    Honestly, you younglings and your worthlessness... I swear, each and every one of you... when you can't get what you want, you just cry about it and start with the petty name calling.

    Oh, grow up. I thought you were raised better than that. You want something? YOU TAKE IT. YOU WORK FOR IT. GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND DO SOMETHING.

  40. MegaMac:
    "In the realm of reality, there is little to no risk releasing Legends 3."

    Sorry man, but you're wrong. It really is pretty much like Rockman is saying. Your comparison with Kid Icarus is flawed. If all it took to sell MM was the name on the cover, Starforce and ZX would have sold amazingly. More importantly, the Legends series itself would have too. Your oversimplification of what it takes for Capcom to put out a successful MM game shows that you don't understand the current state of the brand, or the risk in releasing a Legends game. Unless there was a 3rd MM game in the works at the same time as Universe and Legends 3 (so more than 1 year ago), there won't be a new game this year either.

    Anyway, people aren't taking this news very sensibly. There's alot to say, but I'll only highlight that even if Capcom's acknowledgement of 100,000 seems insignificant (and anyone with reasonable expectations would know that's as much as you can hope for), it really is a good thing. It's a real, measurable show of interest. It's a message that genuinely has the opportunity to cause change. That's alot more than most other fanbases can hope for.

  41. The difference between Kid Icarus and Legends 3 however is that Kid Icarus was handled by a company who isn't quite as stubborn as Capcom is.

  42. @Dr. Jerk and Dhylec: Finally other people who understand what's going on.

    I had posted something about the earlier Kid Icarus and Legends comparison but that never appeared for some reason.

    Nintendo's rep right now with it's franchises, is not shot to hell and is as high as ever. Zelda, Mario, Kirby are have yet to put out very bad games and don't get milked as hard as Megaman. Metroid took a hit with Other M, but I can see it slowly bouncing back. It gets it's fanservice right in it's crossover games.

    Capcom and Megaman... Not so much.

    You have a torn apart fanbase, a DLC milking company who is relying on very few franchises right now to get money. Do you think, even if they put out a Megaman game, we can be sure of no cheap DLC tricks, or that anyone will be sure? We saw what happened in Megaman 10! Bass was in the god damn game from the start!

    In addition, Kid Icarus was running off the wave of Smash Bros. The menu designs, team behind it, and character designs all show that clearly.

  43. A Wise man once said...
    Anyway, [...] even if [Classic and X] are destined to join the scrap heap when that evolutionary step does come about, we still have to fight... Not only against [Legends], but against our own destiny as well...

  44. A wise man also once said:

    "I never really cared for [Legends], and I don't recall calling myself a [fanboy]... I've only ever fought for those [series] I believed in. I won't stop... If a [greedy company] gets in my way, I'll destroy it!"

  45. >Fans expecting 100,000 strong to revive Legends 3 (Prototype)
    >Fans expecting CoAmerica to somehow override CoJapan in cancellation decision
    >Fans expecting Legends 3 for 25th anniversary


  46. @Dhylec

    You're cutting Capcom way too much slack. And yes, I'm talking about Capcom of Japan not Capcom USA as I am well aware Japan is where most, if not all development begins.

    The Star Force and ZX example doesn't hold water. Those games didn't sell well because they weren't games that were for everyone. They were just offspring of Zero and Battle Network and kinda required an acquired taste. It didn't seem like anything new. ZX was more along the lines of Zero and X series, but still, its image didn't really catch on (I enjoyed them though). That and the games seemed inferior to their predecessors and the age group/difficulty shifted a bit.

    You see, the Legends series is a series that is highly underrated and many people know this. It's also a wider gameplay experience that more people can play and enjoy. Again, what with the awareness skyrocketing and the lack of such games on the 3DS, the sales would be just fine. You don't have to believe me, but we don't have any statistics either. Thank Capcom for that.

    I wont compare Nintendo with Capcom as there is simply no comparison. Even though both companies have their notable franchises, Nintendo just knows how to please fans every which way. They've also taken risks before, and they have the guts and intelligence to make them work out. If Kid Icarus Uprising worked out, Legends 3 could work out.

    The current state of the brand is the gutter that Capcom has left it in. The only way to drag it's carcass out of obscurity is to take some risks. MM9 and MM10 were safe, sure, but as I said, it's gotten old. Playing it safe never allows anything to evolve. This is something that Nintendo knows and I feel Capcom has a certain idea of what that means, because just look at RE4 and what that game spawned. They need to focus on some other franchises instead of their "safe" ones.

    Mega Man got their name on the map for the most part and it's way overdue they put him back on that map.

  47. @That one anon that mentioned Archie, you're aware it's now the most progressive comic in the US that doesn't have lesbians slamming each others' muffs in their face, rite? Aside from the shitty humour the stories have stayed good and relevant.

    To the guy above, MegaMac, damned agreed, preach it brotha! Every time Capcom made a new Megaman spinoff they treated it like Street Fighter II, each really didn't feel like a new game, it was just a revision. Battle Network being the absolute worst example of that, as it was literally Pokemon with chips instead of 'mons for a majority of its run. The most hated games in Nintendo's franchises are the ones that tried something different, not the flagships. In Metroid it was Other M, in Zelda it was Majora and now Skyward, in Mario it was Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy 2. They never ever brutalised the flagship titles, nor have they done so once an experimental title has taken off. Mario Sports remain great. Smash Bros remains great. Mario Party remains great. There wasn't a steep decline in the same way Capcom's butchered not only Megaman but Darkstalkers, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry as well. And Okami wasn't even given the CHANCE to be butchered, they put her down like Ol' Yeller. At this point they only seem to hold onto their IP copyrights solely to stick them into MvsC or Street Fighter as guest characters. They have literally become the EA of Japan.

    (The sad thing about that comparison is due to EA starting this slash&burn buyup business practice earlier, thanks to some of the studios under their umbrella I HAVE enjoyed more EA-licensed games than Capcom...since 2009. BEFORE they began the DLC and content-locking BS, I had already dropped them below EA. They have completely snowballed since then.)

  48. Fine, Capcom. Keep teasing us with cameo characters in your Capcom X [Company] games then. Keep doing that 'til no one even remembers what games those character game from.

  49. @MegaMan: No you cannot compare Uprising and Legends.

    If you can't compare the actual companies, then there's no point arguing about their games.

    Also, unlike Legends 3, Kid Icarus had ADVERTISING, a foreign concept to Capcom with Megaman, as well as some pretty cool anime on the nintendo video app.

    @JohnnyRidden: Nintendo fans don't like Other M and Sunshine because of a) the Voice acting, b) they were both story driven and in your face about it.

    It made Sunshine feel linear, unlike SM64, as well as giving annoying VAs, especially since Bowser's didn't fit AT ALL and Other M's plot was too in your face unlike Prime which had plot and lore, but let you discover it if you really wanted to. In addition, need I remind you Team Ninja butchered the character of Samus *glares*

    And the Zelda titles? Are you serious? Now you are pulling stuff out of your ass. Majora is constantly in the top 10 of fans because it's so different from the other 3D titles, so dark, and it's a brand new world. Skyward Sword the only complaints were people bitching about VA, to which I say refer to earlier in the post, as well as either length or the difficulty of the Demise fight.

    Also... I'm going to have to use the Metroid point against you.

    Other M was developed by an outside company. Raccoon City was developed by an outside company. See what happened? Revelations was a great game.

    Also you know trying to resume now would be bad right?

    You're aiming for what, a 2012/early 2013 window?

    You are dealing with Luigi's Mansion 2, Paper Mario and Fire Emblem, each with no set dates that could COMPLETLEY fuck that up. Oh and Monster Hunter 4 which is supposed to be this year. And don't kid yourself. I love Megaman, but with the state the brand is in, I can't guarantee I'll enjoy the title nor will there be DLC shenanigans now that Nintendo is introducing it on the 3DS. And whats that in the future? New Super Mario Bros 2, Smash Bros, and an original Zelda title with a possible Majora's Mask remake after? As well as the producer of Resident Evil hopes to make a sequel to Revelations for the 3DS? And the Nintendo fans will become focused on the new console known as the wii U later this year!? In other news... No. The odds are not in your favour for ever getting this game out nor with it being successful if your pushing for this year, and if the producer of Revelations gets his wish you can say goodbye to Legends 3 for a while again.

  50. I find the first three Battle Network games to be something new and fresh and not too much like Pokemon (until they tried the "versions" I guess lol). Has a battle system other RPGs have yet to duplicate. It's just they were getting a bit crazy with it and it died down. Thankfully they left it at BN6. I know what you mean though, Johnny. Star Force was a good example of a revision of Battle Network as ZX was to Zero, however ZX actually has some main canon relevance and that's why I find the series interesting. The gameplay isn't bad at all either. Hell, tell Inticreates to make ZX3 for the 3DS. You obviously have some storyline left to work with there. ;)

  51. "Those games didn't sell well because they weren't games that were for everyone. They were just offspring of Zero and Battle Network and kinda required an acquired taste."

    Ok, so now you're backpedaling from what you said before: "It's a Mega Man game all the same. In the realm of reality, there is little to no risk releasing Legends 3." And you're referring to the Kid Icarus comparison in the wrong context now.

    "You see, the Legends series is a series that is highly underrated and many people know this."

    No, sorry. You were 8 years old when MML1 was released, so take it from someone older who was keeping up with MM at that time - Legends was not well recieved by fans or rating outlets of that time, and it did not sell well. Capcom put it aside for a reason, and bringing it back is a huge risk. As much attention as it seems to be getting now, it's still a niche in the MM brand. Even the 100,000 effort can't be described as "many people" by industry standards. It probably seems like alot to you, and I'm not saying it's insignificant, but it's not large.

    Lack of 3DS games is a really bad thing for a high-risk title, not a good thing. So when you say a "lack of such games on the 3DS" as a good thing, that tells me that your understanding of the way this industry works is poor. MM Legends 3 cancellation can absolutely be attributed in part - not entirely but in part - to the 3DS' poor initial performance.

    Pay more attention to the industry, try to understand more of its process and trends, and why the MM brand has its current image. You'll see things are the way they are now, for reasons other than what you or most other people here are saying.

  52. ...Wait, is Battle Network the only series that actually sold well in the MM franchise?

  53. You know, I really don't understand the ways of this modern gaming society. It's far too different than the society I grew up with. Why is there a division amongst Capcom people when Mega Man is concerned but get something like Mass Effect 3, fuck it up and everyone's like "GOD DAMN IT, GIVE US A BETTER ENDING BIOWARE!" and literally every Mass Effect fan, didn't matter if you had PS3 or 360, banded together and got what they wanted but here with Mega Man, it's just another drama revolving around the poor little guy.

    My honest thoughts is that Capcom should just shut down already. They took something like MvC3, fuck around with it as they pleased and put it on GameStop, Wal-Mart, Best Buy etc. shelves everywhere. 10 years of waiting and we get crap, the same could be said for MML3, except instead of getting crap we get disappointment, don't even get me started with SFxT. I wouldn't be surprised if in the near future, Capcom fucks up Devil May Cry or something because all in all Capcom should just shut down already.

    A lot of people, myself included, are starting to lose faith in them.

    but hey, at least we still have Nintendo & SEGA, right?

  54. heartless bastards... why dont you tell us why it REALLY got cancelled...

  55. @Dhylec

    What I meant by "it's a Mega Man game all the same" is because if they can release MM9 and MM10 and play it safe, then they can just as well try to take some risks with other parts of the franchise. Point is, they aren't making any sort of move at all and that's whats irking me and countless other fans. Again, if Kid Icarus can be brought back, so can Legends. Sure, Icarus has more advertising but uh, you know, every gamer knows about Legends 3 by now. The whole event up until now has been inadvertent advertising on many websites and forums. No one should contest that fact, even though it's an infamous way to advertise.

    It isn't just 100,000 people, that number is just a proof of the potential. Think about the many other people that are looking for new gameplay experiences on their 3DS. Like I said, just the general gamers will probably purchase it also. It'll sell way more than 100,000 copies I'm sure. Capcom just lost it's spine somewhere in the money pits.

    Your know-how in the industry is just your own perception. The way I see it, is that it's common sense that if the 3DS library is suffering from a lack of a certain sort of game, a bigger, longer, more adventurous bang for one's buck, something new that isn't a remake, then it would be wise for a company to capitalize on that lack in which to gain success. What is so wrong with that? Again, if Kid Icarus and OoT 3D can succeed, so can Legends 3. AGAIN, it is based on Capcom's neglect to put any effort towards making Legends 3 a success, making money and pleasing the fans.

    Just because I was 8 years old, doesn't mean I wasn't keeping up with Mega Man. I've had my eye on the blue bomber since I was 3. I learned of this new game, I bought this new game and I enjoyed this new game (a great deal). I became a Legends fan. While I was still a true fan of the franchise as a whole, I wanted more Legends. Legends 2 was one of, if not the only game I ever pre-ordered. If Legends did so poorly, then why did Legends become a greatest hits title and get ported to the N64? I think it was for the PC too.

    Things just don't add up. So again, the state of the franchise is right where Capcom has left it, gathering dust that Dust Man cant even clean. If Lost Planet can sell well and still be poorly/average received then it obviously is all about the money. Only game I really have high hopes for in which Capcom may redeem themselves is RE6. So far it looks fantastic...but this year is about Mega Man too. It's his 25th. Something should be done, that's all I'm saying. Doesn't even have to be Legends 3.

  56. @MegaMac: There's a difference between KNOWING and actually WANTING and being EXCITED for the game. And you can't guarantee the number Capcom actually expects from the game should it sell. Because guess what. Revelations sold well enough for Capcom to be interested in a sequel, and Street Fighter sold almost one million units. Can you guarantee those numbers with only 100 000? I think not.

    When gamers hear MEGAMAN, excitement isn't really there now.

    When you hear the name CAPCOM, alot of bad things come to mind, especially lately. When you hear MEGAMAN, you think milking and as many now describe it, a whining fanbase.

    When you hear the words NINTENDO and ZELDA, almost every gamer gets fired up. Project Sora especially because it contains Smash Bros staff! It's like Retro Studios! Every fan of Nintendo wants to see them try different franchises after they did Metroid and Donkey Kong! Retro and Project Sora have fans in the Nintendo fanbase. Anything they sell will do well, especially after Smash Bros 4 for Project Sora.

    And are you seriously using Ocarina of Time 3D as an arguing point? That is the most FOOLISH point you could have made.

    Ocarina of Time is considered the greatest game of all time, and the best of the N64. When people heard they could get it on a portable system, with a much needed graphics revamp, as well as Master Quest? NO SHIT IT WAS GONNA SELL.

    And why are you not listening. PERSPECTIVE. We keep telling you but you refuse to listen.

    Let's say Prototype DOES get released for $2, and it DOES sell 100 000 copies. Capcom isn't going to make $200 000 dollars because Capcom has to give Nintendo a share. Meaning Capcom isn't making as much money as you claim they would. And did you not listen? Ono said Capcom won't bring back Darkstalkers, even though Fighting games have been revived, without a guaranteed FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND SIGNATURE PETITION. WHAT THE HELL MAKES YOU THINK A FIFTH OF THAT WILL WORK. THIS GAME IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER RECENT ONES. IT ISN'T REUSING ASSETS LIKE ZX AND SF, IT ISN'T IN SPRITES, THE SYSTEM POWER IS ALMOST ON LEVEL WITH THE WII. STOP LETTING YOUR GOD DAMN FANBOYISM BLIND YOU AND OPEN YOUR GOD DAMN EYES.

  57. @Torchman

    I want to make myself very clear. I am not here to argue. I'm not here to whine. Instead of outright whining like some fans, I am here to call it how I see it. Quite frankly, kissing Capcom's ass and trying to explain the situation of the franchise is not helping a single thing. Of course either way, nothing seems to be helping and there is really no explaining Capcom's agendas. Understand this, Capcom really hit home with Mega Man and over the years when they just drop the Mega Ball, and hard, they are going to get some sizable feedback. The very opposite of positive.

    I'm going to have to disagree with most of your points but you made them, they're yours. Mega Man is a major name in the gaming industry. Always has been since his conception, always will be. Darkstalkers is not and in its case, it's more understandable, but I'm sorry, Mega Man deserves a lot more than what it's getting. For example with your Smash Bros references, Mega Man was widely hailed to be in Brawl. Didn't happen. Even in Capcom's own MvC3; Didn't happen.

    So, when I compare Legends 3 to OoT, it's like this: OoT, gamers have played it 1,000 times over. That's fine and dandy, it deserves it's merits, but when that's done, what next? It takes some "fanboyism" to retain that interest, am I right? Well, Legends 3 should be there as it's something new and it's been clamored for since over a decade's time and it's a similar style of game. Since the platform lacks more games like that, Legends 3 has the potential be a good seller. It in itself could play off the success of it's similar competitors.

    Like I said before, you don't have to believe me, and you don't. From what I saw, it had a lot going for it. With the whole saga of Legends 3 being how it's been, I do believe it'd have respectable sales. I mean, geez, when they see tons of fans and gamers alike saying they'd pay for both the prototype version AND the retail version, what does that tell you? Hell, I'd pay $5+ for the prototype. Worst case scenario, they'd make their production costs back and at the same time they'd please a whole lot of people. So due to money, they'd deem it a waste of time regardless of any love from fans.

    So yeah, be all middle-ground and apathetic about it all because ya know something? I'm going to retain my "fanboyism" to the utmost degree and I'm going to excercise my right as a fan to be disheartened that a company I hold in high regard seems to be doing nothing aside from "top men" discussing how to resuscitate a franchise they let drown in the midst of it's 25th anniversary and earlier. I'll retain my tact but I'll be stern. Rest assured, I'm not blind, I'm just not going to be teased and toyed with. If you feel the need to shoot me a reply, send it to because I am pretty sure Protodude doesn't want his blog filled with this junk. lol

  58. @MegaMac: You are still using comparisons you shouldn't be. Do you know what Ocarina of Time is? It's the best selling Zelda title. Legends isn't the best selling Megaman title. By the comparison you are providing, Capcom should run to X or BN for a new game, not Legends. Henceforth, nope. Stop using the bad comparison.

    In several interviews, Capcom stated Prototype content would not be in the retail game. And the costs of prototype were supposed to help recoup money and go towards the actual game. You do understand the risks right? Prototype pretty much determines if the actual game has enough money to be on level with the actual demo, and other factors. While assets would be resued, the rest of the game could suffer.

    In addition, 'Mega Man deserves a lot more than what it's getting' Funny, ask the Captain Commando fans that same question, as well as the Strider fans, and Darkstalker fans who are tired of having the same 3 characters(Morrigan, Felicia, and Hsien-Ko) representing the franchise. Hell even the Nintendo fanbase is having that with several franchises.

    By many, MvC3 is an abyssmal failure by many mainly because it only tried to be relevant(Only Strider hasn't seen a game in within the previous 2 console generations), and sucked up to the RE fans way too much, and on the Marvel side it pissed off the Spiderman, Fantastic Four, and Captain America fans among other things. If anything, TvC provided better fanservice because of diversity on the roster, especially the Tatsunoko side.

    And tell me, when are you going to get your launch window? *assumes Wonka pose* You do know most 3DS owners own it mainly for Nitnendo exclusives right? And I mean THE exclusives like Mario right? They know this year at least 2, maybe three will be coming in the later half. There's a Mario and Zelda title floating around as well as Smash Bros. And with the Wii U floating around, I can guarantee a good chunk of their money WILL go for that system and the AAA launch titles.

    Also, I feel Kid Icarus had the superior light hearted feel compared to previous Legends titles, and that Xenoblade did the open world concept on a great scale. Legends 3 would be compared to those 2, and I feeel it would fall flat on its face.

  59. They REALLY sound INSINCERE

  60. Torchman, why didn't you send your message to my e-mail? Oh well.

    Like I said, not here to argue. Consider this though, two points. The fans are in an ever-growing uproar since Capcom started it. I repeat, Capcom started it. Fans were alright with MM9 and MM10 but I feel the last true, physical release was with MHX in what, 2006? Six years later and we are way overdue for something new. Not a remake, not an 8-Bit Gimmick. So, "whining" as one may call it, is somewhat warranted. I'm all for a new Strider game myself, but those properties when compared to Mega Man, their mascot, don't hold up (Commando was their mascot, but still lol). Mega Man deserves way more and they just don't have the creative minds they used to. That's a fact.

    Now my other points is that Capcom literally has nothing to lose by releasing the prototype version. All they'd have to lose is time. As Hypershell said, it's just gathering digital dust on their hard drives. Even when Nintendo's percentages on the eShop are taken out, they'd still get some good money. They don't have to pay for packaging or shipments or any such logistics. So I still feel they should AT LEAST release the prototype version to gauge interest per the original plan. No reason at all why they shouldn't.

    As for my comparisons, you are taking them the wrong way. I'm not comparing the legacy of these games, but the general similarities themselves. Legends 3 is a type of game that the 3DS lacks now. If they keep on holding out on us, they might as well just port it to a different system, Vita preferred. Once Kingdom Hearts 3D comes out, that similar genre will be set for a while.

    I'll openly admit it couldn't stand up to that title, at least from what we've seen, but I still feel it would sell well and at least recoup the production costs. I'll also go as far as to say that if the Prototype version fails in statistics, I'll admit defeat as actual proof would then be calculated.

  61. Well heyyyy, at least we can still play Resident Evil 6 and whatever Street Fighter cross over they release while we wait right?

    Kill me now.

  62. I'm surprised Amir didn't reply to this post... >_>

  63. Does anyone actually research Mega man legends? The game sold very poorly in comparison to their other franchises; and it's not even really that good.
    Honestly, the main and ultimate reason why their not going to make it is because the cost for development outweighs the return.
    Capcom is doing EXACTLY what a company should do; cut out what doesn't make money and move onto what makes profits.
    The real reason for Mega man legends 3 cancellation is because the minority of fans who like Mega Man is shadowed by the fans who like Street Fighter.


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